Relaxation, where (in your body) should you feel it?

This question comes out of the fact that ever since I started to relax, each time I feel relaxation reach and “originate” from farther down my body.

When I was new, and I assume like all of us, I thought relaxation was your cheeks moving freely like you see on TV and it was all I concentrated on when thinking of relaxing. Then when I finally, really began to be able to relax to a degree, it then felt like my shoulders were freer to move and it also felt like the “origin” of relaxation had moved there there. Now I feel like my arms and probably up to somewhere in my chest is relaxed and now I feel like the “origin” - which I define as that place where you first send that “signal” to when you think “relax” - is somewhere in or around the mid-upper level of my chest.

Where is the ultimate destination? When do you know you’re COMPLETELY relaxed? Does it reach the hips? The legs? I’ve felt glimpses of that focus of relaxation moving down towards my hip area and my hips moving freer, but am not there yet, so I assume that the relaxation will keep travelling “down” my body? Is this the normal way this happens, how did it happen to everyone else, all of a sudden in the whole body or a progression like what I’m feeling?

aln,when you walk think about the you feel any stress or tension?? if you do there is something relaxation while sprinting is something similiar but not to this extent.the movements will have more range due to less tension and the effort will feel less because stress is at a minimum.your fastest runs will be the runs where you say to yourself “god i could have gone faster” due to the minimum stress or tension levels.

running relaxed is an on-going learning process for some athletes and many top sprinters will never reach their potential unless they learn how to run relaxed.look at all the past olympic 100m champions and tell me how many are actually running relaxed.i’d say almost all are they may look tense like christie but inside theyion are in harmony,pushing to the edge bit at the same time not going OTT.

to answer your question aln,relaxation is total just like walking.its an all over sensation in harmony.relaxation is allowing your body to do the movement naturally without interference true tension or stress.its total natural harmony and natural effortless tension free!

Lower cerebral cortext, right behind my head, but also in parts of the upper spine is where I feel it when I’m relaxed it kind of flows out through my nervous system to every part of my body. :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, yeah… and x-man’s got a point with all that mysticism stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I´m that kind of guy who is “all tension over the body”, i mean, i´m always thinking something, even while sprinting, and my body is always “on fire”, so, the main problem in my sprints regards tension.
And sorry to say that, but i guess only sprint i run relaxed was about 1 year ago, while i was running “smoked”, if you know what i mean. :o
The fact is, yesterday, was my first competition. I did very well, i took first in my heat and 4th overall but i felt 110% tense while running, it was like a total controled sprint, and that tension locked me at 11.96s. And i can run 4 to 5 followed 100m around 12.0s ( but i can´t break 11.9s even on my first sprint ).
The reason i´m writing here is,
last night, i had a dream, and guess what ? This dream was about me and the relaxation issue. So, i was running, running to catch something like a motorcycle, i remember that i started to run with the upperbody relaxed, and i became faster and faster, the feeling was very very nice, i was wearing shoes running over an asphalt surface but still fastest as ever,in such way i never felt in my life.
I know, real sprint is a lot different from “dream sprints” but i use to dream about running and sprint at least twice a month and in all the other dreams i was tense.
Today i woke-up thinking a lot about this, i remember the sensation of free arms, free shoulders, and consequently my legs was movind free in a fast cadence.
That´s why i came to CF Forum and searched for the word RELAXATION on the titles.
Tomorrow i´ll try to put this in practice, i don´t know how to work this but i´m thinking in run some shots with my arms “blocked” just using my legs to run. :rolleyes:
Does anyone have tried this before ? :cool: