Relaxation in the face and improved performance.

I have recently been rethinking this issue because I spoke to a guy that was using a special mouthguard that repositions your jaw for improved power output! I’m skeptical but he swears by this idea and having tried the simple test on the site there may be something to it? Whatever I thought it might be an interesting thing to discuss. Could relaxation of the jaw really allow improved power ouput during sprinting?

Check this website that has a video that kind of explains a bit about this commercial system.

I think jaw position etc is quite an interesting issue in the top athletes. Compare Asafa and Tyson Gay when they are both running hard for example…

Can a jaw muscle massage really re-set Sympaticus/Parasympaticus tone and contribute to recovery I might add??? Jamirok? Is there a ‘relationship’ between these two phenomena?

What language are you speaking dude? :confused:

Use words which most of us won’t need to google.

:slight_smile: Simpaticus/Parasimpaticus are two branches of autonomic nerovus system. Vagus and stuff :wink:

I have a mouthpiece somewhere, I am going to do bench at the gym with it, but very gingerly so as not to bite it too much.

Though hardly an expert here, I would assume so.

Similar to the jaw muscles, the small suboccipital muscles which connect the skull to the top two vertebrae are the densest in the body and control the tonus of the hamstrings. Through manipulating these muscles, one can significantly affect their muscle tone.

From what I’ve heard, the muscles around the jaw act in the same way, so I don’t see why one couldn’t manage muscle tone that way.