Regular versus incline bench.

What is the difference in terms of muscle-involvement between a regular and an incline bench?

Incline has more anterior deltoid involvement.

Just wondering because I prefer the incline as I am able to work much harder then as opposed to regular bench.
Is the triceps used as much in the incline as in the regular version?

That’s quite unusual…most folks find that they can flat bench significantly more than incline. My understanding is that tricep involvement is similar.

Personally I prefer the inclince over flat benching, mostly because it is more comfotable on my shoulders. I know that Poliquin considers the inclince less stressful on the shoulder joint. I don’t know whether that holds for everyone, but it certainly applies to me.

As for the relative merits of one versus the other, I don’t think it really matters that much for sprinting since it’s all general anyway.

They’re relatively similar movements, so I switch between them when I plateau on a lift. I haven’t experienced any DOMs when I do this and when I go back to the other lift, I’m able to lift more weight.