Reggie Bush's Off-Season Training

That seems fair comment. You’re looking to reach the optimal levels for the individual athlete and prevent injuries.

Does anybody really believe that this is all Reggie is doing? I don’t know how he was training after leaving SC, but he put on some serious size in a matter of months. He looked much bigger last year than he did in his college days. I’m sure this training is just a novelty or supplement to his regular training, much like others use yoga or pilates.

I sure as hell hope that this is not all he’s doing!

All these guys that are successful in college and go to the pros and try and change there training always have problems - injuries, short careers etc. For example look at reggie usc teammate the safety from pittsburgh '“troy” last offseason he started training with todd marinovich father during a host of medball and balance training and look what happen last season injuries injuries. I remember troy saying he doesnt need weights just med balls - oh boy I saw injuries coming. Guys who keep during the samething they did college always have longer and more successful careers in most cases for example guys like darrell green and joey galloway.

last time i searched up “reggie bush squat” on google it brought some stuff up. Say he was at 550squat in college.

your right reggie did squat 550 in college and article posted earlier mention that.

the some one say on this one he has 600+ max:

Damn, strong boy! I would have expected something much much lower, perhaps in the 400 range…

I was at USC last year in April (while travelling to the Mt. Sac meet) and watched Bush do a workout in the weight room. Perhaps he was taking it easy, but I didn’t see anything along the lines of a 600lbs squat (I’d like to see the depth of that max by the way). I did see him do a few squat reps at 335-350 range - moderate depth. He handled the weight adequately, but it wasn’t flying up. And he did some clean and jerks with maybe 200lbs. The technique was okay, but nothing special.

I’d say his speed and acceleration abilities are exceptional, based on the games I’ve seen. But he’s not doing it on the field with raw strength and power.

I have spoken to usc head sc Chris many times and hes also a gayle hatch guy and most guys that come from that system usually teach good ol and squat tech/depth, maybe reggie was slacking that day or tried from the speed and agility workout, chris always perform speed, agility, plyos before weights and conditioining after weights. take note they only spend about 45mins in the weightroom.

Thanks for info on their program.

What do you consider conditioning. Tempo / HIIT / etc ?

conditioning would be metabolic drills.

They showed him doing this free flo do stuff on NFL total access just recently. The first words that came out of his mouth were “its not for everyone.” His main use of it is to prevent ankle strains, and it improves his conditioning at the same time. His ankle injuries have slowed him down a little in his career. He also said that he feels like he is in better shape than his teammates. Coach Sean Payton is not happy about him doing this stuff.

Is there a quote from Payton on this?

No, it is just what reggie said.

Just to clarify: Bush said Payton is not happy about this training he’s doing? Thanks.

yeah reggie is rather quick.

way back in 2003 he ran 10.84 into a -1.6 wind and 21.80 into a -2.6 wind as a senior in HS, but obviously track wasn’t his primary focus and his season didn’t go beyond the california state meet his freshmen to junior years and he didn’t run in the state meet his senior year despite qualifying in the 100, 200 and 4x4. so basicly he was a BAMF on both the gridiron and the track but stuck to football.

10.4 wind legal as a junior. 21.1 wind legal also as a junior.

windy 21.2’s and 10.5’s as a sophmore.

11.0 and 22.2 bests as a 9th grader.

How many of yall think that this free-flo-do stuff was the reason he has had an off year? He has been hurt the past 2 games, and he may be out for the season. His longest play from scrimmage was 25yds, and his longest rush this year was 22yds. He has also fumbled the ball 8 times this year. Many people would expect more from an explosive athlete like reggie. Whats even weirder is that he still has all those diet pepsi commercials of him doing the free-flo-do stuff like he is having a great year.

Every single one of us on this forum!

I’m sure his S&C coach from USC - Coach Carlisle - would flip out if he saw what Reggie was doing now.