Reggie Bush's Off-Season Training

He does something called Fre Flo Do(Free Flow Dough). It is pretty unique. Shaun Alexander also does this stuff. I dont see this stuff helping with anything but balance and coordination.

I agree. Looks very gimmicky.

If he’s taxing his body and he believes it will make him a better athlete, then whatever works right? Diferent things for different folks…

Reggie bush better be doing something else besides this stuff in his off-season program.

Haha…I’m sure he is…otherwise his offseason and onseason may be the same thing from now on :wink:

The problem with such training is if the volume gets to the point where it is competing for the adapative resources from the training that is more likely to be more productive. I suppose if the volume if kept at a managable level(like all training for that matter!) he should be okay. I wonder if he did anything like this while at USC? I also thought he would possibly start training with LaDainian and his trainer as he had done a bit in the past.

I think he just started doing this stuff this off-season.


Then he would need to be especially careful with this(not having done it before) as when some people find a new toy, they often go a bit crazy with it.

Why don’t we look at what helped make him such a champ–the stuff the USC coaches were doing? USC squats, cleans, benches and does speed work… I’d look at the meat and potatoes rather than the garnish.

I could not agree more.

Bush’s training regimen could help TDs flow

New York native Kappel Clarke’s cutting edge Fre Flo Do (pronounced Free Flow Dough) training regimen calls to mind one of those money-making pyramid schemes.

Instead, it’s the name of Clarke’s martial arts-inspired program, which focuses on spatial awareness, core balance, injury prevention and mind-body enhancement. New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has embraced the philosophy.

“Fre Flo Do means living on the path through which freedom flows,” Clarke, 38, says.

How about Fre Flo Pro Bowler? That all-pro level is what Bush is chasing, along with a Super Bowl. Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander also tried and liked Clarke’s program.

Picture a boogie boarder in search of a more efficient way of surfing the curl in a human wave of would-be tacklers.

A few weeks after spraining his ankle in a celebrity basketball game during NBA All-Star weekend, Bush began working out three times a week at Clarke’s Santa Monica, Calif., studio. It almost seems as if Bush is now training for a role in the next installment of The Matrix.

Clarke swings plastic baseball bats at Bush’s feet as the running back reacts while running on a “Launchpad,” an elongated, high-powered treadmill without rails. Clarke says the space-age treadmill looks “like something out of The Jetsons.”

In a drill to enhance his cutback agility, Bush jumps from a Launchpad tracking in one direction and executes a 180-degree spin before landing on another Launchpad moving in a different direction. Clarke will bump Bush while in flight, causing Bush to somersault from pad to pad, challenging his ability to land catlike … or else be launched from the Launchpad.

“Reggie is regarded as one of the most spatially aware and dynamic athletes,” Clarke says. "We were able to detect some movement flaws.

“Not only is his ankle healthy again, his movements are more fluid. He’s less prone to subjecting himself to more common injuries. I think we’ll be seeing something more phenomenal.”

That figures to be something to behold. Bush gained 1,307 yards from scrimmage as a rookie, scoring nine touchdowns.

“It’s really based on pushing until you feel you don’t have any more, then pushing that extra 10-15% you don’t think you have left,” Bush says. “It simulates a long play, the fourth quarter or overtime.”

Considering Bush and the Saints fell one game short of the Super Bowl, that extra 10-15% could make all the difference.

These were Reggie’s thoughts. If I were reggie I would just maintain all the ability he has then trying to risk an injury with that stupid treadmill thing.

what is this beast, bush, squatting now? I’m guessing he at 700+ based on his nice linear progression through his formative years.

Sarcasm I hope?

Yes, I hear the program is being guided by the famous trainer, “One Hung Low” and he’s supplementing Bush with “Cream of Sum Yung Guy”.

“One Hung Low” is known for his exploits in the great Southeast Asian nut-kicking contests.

Sarcastic Sundays…

Once your at the NFL level, especially when you’re a reggie bush type, there’s not much you need to do to increase strength and speed. What you need to do is maintain and fine-tune your abilities and work on the fundamentals and mental parts of your game. It’s like you’re a fine-tuned sports car, all you need to do to make it work to its potential is put the best driver behind the wheel.

There’s always room to get stronger and faster. Until he holds weightlifting and sprint world records…I won’t believe it.

It’s not about being as strong and fast at possible though because those skills are not what makes you a better player when you’re at that level. It’s about being the best player he can be. I’m just going off of an interview with USC’s strength coach that I read. Once players reach where he thinks they need to be in the weightroom (like Reggie did for him) he only wanted them to maintain their abilities and avoid injury. He also said he doesn’t want to move on to the NFL because, once you’re there, all there is to do is to keep players healthy.

It’s a good read and it’s here

Good link, thanks.

But the NFL gets bigger stronger and faster every year. There have been NFL S&C coaches that have been fired because players blamed their injuries on the coach’s training.

Solid article, very enjoyable read. I agree that perhaps with his ammount of strength there’s no need to train directly for it, but I still believe an athlete (no matter what level) should always be aiming to get better. There’s a risk of injury going outside in the daytime, but it’s worth it!

Ominous! Just what a top prospect needs to do- change what got him there in the first place for gimmicks!
Just have to wait and see how it all works out. Hopefully, he didn’t change things for very long.