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I was just looking back over notes I took on your RegernationLab project and articles.

Would you consider putting them together into an ebook?
There are some very good articles and suggestions included in all those articles, along with nuggets of information, some great interviews and suggestions.

I think they might be of great use to many newbies - what do you think?

I know you could change some things in it and some of your ideas would have been refined, but nevertheless I still think as a discussion document and testament to the Lab itself it would be a great document.

I also think that some of the older memebers might like to have it as an ebook as a resource.

Would you consider it? or think it might sell?
What do others think?

[Sorry Clemson to post so publicy here - but I can’t get an email or pm for you]

Personally, I would like to see more of Clemson as his posts from back in the day on contained excellent content and the regeration lab stuff I have saved is also good. I’m sure there was even better stuff in the members area…

I second that - I’ve got a bunch of the articles on my computer, and there’s a ton of great information in there. The 101/Master/PHD Regeneration articles are particularly good.

I’d want the Regeneration lab templates…

A worthwhile project is on the way that is beyond anything on regenerationlab. 122 articles adds up to 200 plus pages of editing. Think supertraining meets GEB.

GEB? :confused:

an informative review is here I see the library has a copy available so may shoot in later and get it.

Looks like an interesting book. Wouldn’t hold out on computers being able to do too much human thinking too soon though…

The way it was written is the reason I used it (GEB). I find Charlie’s writing to be not only informative but entertaining. I have laughed out loud so many times…

Try this…

Penrose, R. “Emperors new mind”

I read it (hardly) - too much math, but couple of pages are great! Anyone read both of them (GEB and Emperor) that can compare them? Tnx

Let’s worry about humans doing human thinking before we worry too much about machines.

“All of us had been trained by Kelly Johnson and believed fanatically in his insistence that an airplane that looked beautiful would fly the same way.”

  • Ben Rich, Skunk Works

Sounds like

“Looks right flies right!” from CFTS or Training for Speed.

My point is not AI from the GEB book but how you can explain things through various formats. I am not Charlie but I have spent a lot of time using his backbone in both Swimming and Track and the results have been great.

LOL, Charlie!! :smiley: :smiley:
In the book…

I actually tried to get content in a usable format, apparantly it doesnt exist (html, etc).

Carl, what is the scoop? You have anything hostable?


All 122 articles are on firefox pages and are archived. My problem is that if it was to be shared I would have to do a lot of work for those that want it (very few people). Also we have HS and college kids that have copied the content to MS Word. I also think it was just a warm-up for better writing later…I don’t know. I think by the looks of this thread only a handfull would be interested.

I think CFTS with the Regeneration Lab articles is a perfect gift to any athlete or coach. You have the foundation of ideas in CFTS and Regeneration Lab articles not only extend on these thoughts and ideas, but apply them to your training. CFTS lays the foundation, but it must be extended. The Forum and the Forum Review(s) are excellent, but many people have a hard time looking at just case studies w. discussion in comparison to having articles spelling out for them the idea clearly. If Clemson (and Rupert) doesn’t mind, I am sure Nba3km/Livestrong, myself, Niko, and any others who have copies of many of the RL articles in Doc form could help send out the info to anybody interested.

Yes, I’ve got a big Word file with the articles sent to me by another member of the forum -can’t remember who though…
Clemson/Rupert, let us know what you need…

I dont agree! Actually manny things (ideas, principles) from cybernetics (control of machines) are very usable to psychology! Cybernetics returned teleology (everything have a purpose or a goal) into science… Psychologists “killed” free will, but the cybernetics contrary to common belief say that “human is not a machine, but rather he got a machine - brain”… Have a look at Maltz M. “Psychocybernetics”. Dont forget that I am a strong proponent of free will and a strong opponent of strong artifical inteligence
! I dont belive that free will is a result of complex algorithms, but I rather believ in dualism of Descartes (soul - materia)…

About RL… I am not familiar with it! When I try to find out a site I got nothing… Can anyone PM a adress or send me a data to my e-mail? Tnx in advance…

I’m interested in the RL stuff as well. I miss that site.