Recovery week

Just wonder what yall do on your recovery week. I try to take one every 1-2 months.
I usually just drop the speed days and replace with all tempo and med ball. Ill also keep the weight training. I also get therapy atleat twich during the week. Massage and a stretch from a flexibility specialist.

It must be individualized Chris. Based upon what you described as your typical strategy for that week, when you state med ball I presume that’s explosive med ball which is a wise choice to maintain CNS stimulation. The weights may serve this as well in addition to explosive jumps if they are part of your normal routine.

the key is allow for recovery while not getting too far away from what’s necessary to mitigate the re-introduction of regular training. In this way, you may not want to remove all speed work and, instead, perform some accelerations with intensity limits set at 10-20m and perhaps some flying sprints.

When a healthy repertoire of speed work has been established it will, on average, be more of a volume reduction than anything else during a recovery week.

Yea the med ball work is explosive. Med ball accels, oh throws etc. The sprinting is what takes the most out of me so I think by dropping that I can come back fresh next week.

I would differentiate between a recovery (deloading) week of lower volume and intensity. Say every 3-4 weeks.
And a full recovery period every 1 -2 months. For me this is 5 consecutive days of total rest.
I never have a problem with the deloading week - practical implications of work, weather etc often enforce periodic reductions in training loads.
Full recovery periods are harder to implement due to fear of not training ! The secret is to schedule them in rather than let them happen when you are injured/ill - since the enhanced recovery should reduce the chance of said injury.

Well said Oldbloke

excellent, i find it hard taking complete rest after the season, much less during

I find 5 days off every 2 months mentally easier than say 3 weeks at the end of a season. And with no obvious decline in fitness. 3 weeks off really affects me - I know it is not possible to be at peak all year round but the loss over 3 weeks hits morale. There is an argument for taking both 5 days rest periods and a post season rest.
But if you struggle to take rest periods the 5 day routine may be easier. Rationalise it to only missing about 3 training sessions - that sounds better.

You must not be racing often, I remember when I was competing winter/spring/summer I needed the 2 week vacation before starting fall training… If I had a good season I may even take 3 weeks of vacation…

Yea Im not as much as I like. I plan each season to run indoor…then something happens and I cant make the meets. Then I have to wait till march for the college outdoor meets to start

Sucks when you can’t race a ton… I believe lower level runners are better racing as much as possible, nothing crazy but at least racing once every week with at least 2 events 60/200 or 100/200.

i agree 100%. Back in 2006-2008 when i was running decent times i would have 2-3 meets a month starting in january. by may i would be rolling