Recovery Sheets

If anyones interested, here are some recovery sheets that you can use to chart your rest during training. You fill it out every day and then you can look on it to see if you’re developing any trends that may lead to overtraining. Its in JPEG format…

Looks good, but it’s kind of hard to read. Can you type out what it says?

Yeah, when you print it out full size its easy to see, but the pictures are a little wack. If you want you can paste them into Word or a picture editing program (if you have one) and resize it.

1st Sheet:
Heart Rate: Basically you check your heart rate when you wake up in the morning and if you notice it getting way out of wack you might be doing something wrong with your training.

Weigt: Check your weight in the morning before you wake up and if it fluctuates too much then you might need to change nutrition or the way you train.

2nd Sheet:
Hours of Sleep
Quality of Sleep
Tiredness Sensation
Training Willingness
Competitive Willingness
Muscle Soreness

Just download the picture by right-click “save target as” to get the file.

I hope those of us who aren’t using something similar start doing so with these. With upper-level athletes we track daily, in our training diaries : sleep (hours & quality), fatigue level, stress level, RHR, body temp, weight, and h20 “in” and “out” values (or x per day). Training, nutrition and other recovery methods are listed as well (obviously…) 5 or so minutes a day can make a big difference in monitoring/changing trends, understanding how and when to manipulate variables, not repeating silly mistakes, and most of all - improved performance!