recovery pre race

say you have been training all week, mon tues wed with weights on tues and you plan to race on the sat… would it be better to take thursday off and have a light day friday or… light train thurs and fri off…

Are there heats and finals or straight finals?

straight finals… 100, 200 and 400

I think either way would work, since you have str finals I probably would take thursday off or lite workout and perform some primer work on friday; for example 3 starts and 5x mb throws.

yeah hopefully that wil work becuase i genrally feel really sluggish after a rest day. no clue why

Each athlete is different some athletes can take 1-2 days off and run well, others will exp a neuroendocrine crash.

hmm ok… does that just mean that your hormones and nerves go hay-wire? how would you avoid this?

i had my day off on the thurs and did a light session on the friday and i ran a pb for the 200 on sat after backing up from the 100 and 400, thanks for the advice… i have a race this friday and a speed session on wed, i was thinking of just going ahead and having a light day thursday or friday morning… thoughts?

Well done.

Are you able to give details of what you did during the week (including the light day on Friday)?

not a problem…
sun rest,
mon 2 by 300m 90%, 4 by 20m and 4 by 30m at full pace… plus 80 plyo jumps…
tues-gym- power clean + clean high pull 3srts of 3 + 2 70-85%… squats and deadlifts 3 sets of 4 reps plus ab work then in the afternoon 6 by 200m @ 70-85%.
wed- 5 lots of 80m with a 20mtr downhill start 2-30 recovery 15min set break, then 5 lots 80 on flat . 2 lots of 10m and 4 lots 20mt sprints plus 80 jumps
thurs rest
fri- 2 by 150 hard easy hard… 3 by 30m