recovery from practice before a meet?

I have a meet this saturday, I was just wondering how many days before the meet would be good for me to be fresh for the meet. thx

I heard somewhere on the internet don’t do much 2 days before a major event.

i was going to jog and strech on thursday but i guess i will chill. thx

Two days before a meet i like to warmup as i would for the meet and do a few starts and a few accelerations to stimulate my CNS. During the season 2 days before a meet is also a day to do a few 4x100 sticks. Just dont overdo it. And a day before a meet i like to do nuthing.

what about if you’re training through a meet how does that work. I take days off when I am attempting to peak for the meet. But I’ve squated the day before other meets and been fine.