Recovery from chest infection

Recently had a bad case of whooping cough. As a result fitness has dropped and I am unable to complete intense workout sessions. It has been recommended I do buoyancy belt workout in the pool. Any suggestings for sessions that may be benfical?

my advice would be tempo=fitness=non intense workout!

thanks, I been trying to do some longer slow runs that aren’t too intense to keep some fitness. Will have to try some tempo.

You could also improve your abilities by taking an enormous amount of nutrition. Seaweeds like kelp (kombu), wakame and Dulse are very regenerating. Irish Moss powder or granules are good and specifically help the lungs. Chlorella Algae is good for the lungs and spirulina algae is very high in protein as well as the chlorella. Dark green leafy vegetables and their juices help too, like spinach, kale, chard, collards, dandelions, beet greens, parsley. Even carrot juice is helpful for rebuilding. Bee Pollen is also good for the lungs and has a lot of protein. At you can check out Dr Richard Schulze’s SUperfood formula (see the herbs catalog section). Rose Hips chips cut and sifted from the health food store are crunchy and tasty and are loaded with Vit C and bioflavenoids that help the connective tissue.