recovery boots

thoughts, anyone try em?

I think I posted them years ago - Lebron James love them…

Ouch, looks like a pretty steep investment.

Picked these up, based on that blog, no reason to pay that steep ass premium price for the other ones

I have a recovery bed. Is that the same thing?

Bed? Boots? Recovery?

It’s all the same right? Recovery boots hey?

I like to take off my boots in my bed or is it that I like to have my bootie in bed to recover or get your butt to bed or you won’t sleep well?

I like the bed idea better to relax and recover and regenerate and we need to start an entire thread around the recovery methods available in the bed?

If we are going to possibly send everyone here to recovery boots let’s first discuss the bed. Recovery in bed I mean.

Well I added these to my arsenal of recovery methods. Mainly for travel after sitting in one place for hours. I plan to use them upon wake up and after training. Hopefully they will help.

Keep us posted. We have a lot of nerves in our feet and if our feet are not healthy and working properly there are so many other issues that can occur.

Have you been using the boots? Would you be willing to share how these are working for you? I wonder if it could help me relax before going to bed to where I can sleep better. Do you feel like it helps you in that regard as well?

I love em. I use them often during the week. Never tried right before bed, but when im sitting on the couch watching tv. YOu can feel the veins pumping in your legs. I also wear compression socks all day each day at home (has has really helped with my achilles issue) with the boots and my legs feel great. The boots wont replace manual therapy, but they are an addition I recommend.
After a tempo day, take a esalt bath, microstretch, then jump in the boots…next day legs feel great.

Sleep I dont have issues with. zma, magnesium calm and melatonin have me in the bed getting watched by the tv.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Man, it has to be so nice to be able to sleep well the way you do…


The recovery data is or has been much more mainstream since I made fun of this item. Do what ever it takes to recover within your ability to find ways that might help you.

Gadgets are good but they cost money and I and we have always been driven by budget out of need and need is usually different than want. Purchasing is fun, exciting and distracting from the issue. Not always but often. My experience is the more money people have and the more options they have the more toys are used to get down to the business of RECOVERY.

It was kinda dumb luck meeting Charlie again in 1988. I was overweight, volunteering at my home town track center ( University of Windsor Canadian Track and Field Competition February 1988) and at my witts end. In the beginning meeting him felt like winning the lottery and after September 27th 1988 it felt like crashing in the middle of nowhere without emergency help. LOL

Sink of float right? What are you gunna choose? We chose float, thrive and figure it out and you can do that too when it comes to recovery.

Pick easy stuff for you and work backwards from things you know for sure that helps. LIsten to others especially your family and or loved ones as they usually know you better than you might know you. Buy recovery boots or whatever might help you but why not start with free stuff?

Ange’s FREE STUFF you can do right now to help your recovery.

  1. WATER heals. = get into the water and spend some time. Bath, shower, epson salts, hot , cold, exfoliate, clean, soak and train. Pick what you need and think about how it makes you feel. I LOVE the water and it regenerates me as though I flip a switch to myself to go ON of OFF. If I need to be on I do a longer session and use the bath and salts ( for cleansing ) and temperature. ( take a look at Andrew Huberman, a smart, well educated guy who talks about many aspects of our neuo chemistry and an self interested performance dude who’s killing it in the podcast world and yep, it’s free.

2. Sleep and Rest = all things off your feet and let your imagination run wild and practice safe if you know what I mean. ;). Yeah, sex is a big thing when it comes to tapping into your natural self human power but that is a separate category which can help you with sleep or help you avoid sleep. Dr Mathew Walker out of UC Berk will educate you about the how’s and why’s about sleep but even resting routinely is helpful and you don’t need to read any book or follow any podcasts to practice that. Put your feet up, practice your handstands against the wall, take a nap, listen to music on your favorite recliner but Chill out. One thing I have noted and watched is how easy Ben and Lindford and the top 100m guys go. They don’t sweat and did nto sweat the small stuff and layabouts and taking it easy and resting seemed easy. Maybe it’s part of some cultures more than other’s too but you can make it part of your performance wheel house.

  1. Nutrition = the root cause of all disease is what? INFLAMMATION. And what comes before disease? Annoying crap you might think has zero correlation with performance and or inflammation but why don’t you take one day or 48 hour cycle and test for yourself.My first major experience with a radical shift in nutrient alternatives was soon after my son’s father died. Short story was I experienced systemic numbing and big issues in my right hip almost over night. That made no sense but I have spent a great deal of time researching this and asking questions about the why’s and changing my diet, trumped hiring one of “our” top therapist who I paid 300 bucks for less than one hour to come and “help” me. Why? BECAUSE I treated myself for systemic and what I now know and see as chronic inflammation. I had my hip pain disappear within 48 hours of cutting a few food groups out. Yeah, that is hard to do I am not going to lie and i’ts taking me the past decade of practice to execute more of that plan but learning is not an item you go find in the costco isle. Learning and executing those lessons is a journey and if you truly want to understand how to increase your performance on and off the track, you will figure out what works for you in the nutrition part of your adventures. ( TIP = majority of people in NA have issues with gluten, hidden sugars and crappy and fake fat. We are living in a culture now that is overfed and undernourished. Good news is you can change that)

  2. Sex, drugs and Rock and roll. = yep, I mean literally the sex part because lots of us ( not necessarily myself included :wink: are not doing enough loving, caring and getting along and getting it on with anyone or hopefully the correct person in consensual and loving and or respesting relationships. I have noticed the the individual sport group people are more solitary people who seem to share less and like to run their own show to speak but take care of you and your body and your mind and be mindful of your own boundaries and others and be safe but Have fun and balance yourself with pleasure. I am pretty sure I do not need to give details ( yet) on how to execute although this site has been pretty silent without me talking so who the f knows what y’all are doing out there on your own. LOL.
    Drugs are generally bad news as they are powerful and miss understood and usually not regulated. Use your own drugs from your own body and learn to tap into your own chemical make up to fix or balance or re-wire what is going on for you that works and what is NOT working. You can test yourself now via fancy tests which usually have sales but hey, look at your parents or cousins or siblings and if you don’t have that look in the mirror and be thoughtful about what is going on with you and how you can use your chemistry to PERFORM.
    Addiction is big in my family tree on one side of my family, and that is not a big surprise given athletes are often obsessive and compulsive creatures. What I have learned about addiction since learning about it since forever ago is it’s manageable. I focus my addictions on healthy relationships, healthy food and healthy anything I am able to get my hands on.
    The rock and roll part is self explanatory. Music combined with rolling in the grass, in your bed, alone or with other’s or someone, chillax behavior as one of my brother’s says, all of this is something I have learned from other’s to do and practice and enjoy as relaxing was NOT part of who I was or the kind of life style I had or came from. Good news, we can choose what we need and want with practice.

For now that’s it. Practice makes permanent and don’t forget to sprint your race, no one else’s.

has anyone tried a long period of resting with legs raised? it is the E in RICE but it doesnt seem to be recommended to sleep with raised legs or decline bed.