Recovery between rounds

I have had a quick look using search (will continue)

It is the state titles this weekend, and my athletes are competing in 2 or 3 events (with 2 or 4 races) over two days.

What recovery methods should I employ over night and between events.

Ice massage, hot and cold showers and massage.

If massage what should be done?

Thanks in advance

Light slapping type of massage- not too deep. If it’s super hot, start and finish on cold. If it’s cold, start and finish on hot (very short!) and dry thoroughly.

I have a question, applying to warmer climates. I have always heard you advocate finishing on cold and that has become my preferred method of contrast therapy. This is the first time (that I can remember) you mentioning starting on cold as well, is there a particular reason behind this?

I also read somewhere to take some phosglyogin from snac is good for recovery in between races.

Thanks Charlie.

I imagine doing the opposite to what the temp is will highten the difference between hot and cold.