Reactive Ability - CMJ vs. DJ

I would like to know how others’ reactive jump numbers have correlated with their sprint/jump improvements over time.

When the W/Kg are consistently higher in the jumps (not the jump height, that doesn’t mean much), then you are faster on the track, at least for the shorter distances.

Basically, the value of sprints in my current program is not so much to make me faster directly, but to maintain my skill in the movement while the rest of my training improves the various qualities sprinting relies upon.

Very good point.

Damn, I need a jump pad.

And thanks.

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Can you explain this in a little more detail?

W/Kg is the measure of relative (to bw) jumping power.

When your control jumps show a consistent high power value over a few weeks even the performance on the track is higher.

During general preparation the power values (should) raise only in the unloading week of the macrocycle, during specific preparation they should be consistently high (although fluctuating).