Reaction Time

How can I improve my reaction time from out of the blocks?

Practice starts with the gun

You don’t even have to do actual starts, you can also just take the on your marks position and practice snapping your lead arm up, this will save on CNS energy.

you can improve your reactions immensely by completley relaxing!!!

an example…you are sitting down watching tv etc,perfectly relaxed.someone creeps up behind you and fires a loud bang(loud enough to wake the dead).whats your forst reaction without thought??

you will jump or move,pure natural occurance.the same applies to the gun.stay relaxed and you will react faster than anyone esle.don’t think about reacting as you are defeating the will react!

Also if your muscles are tensed then when ou go to start the antagonist have to untense then then you where as when your relaxed the gun goes and th agaonist fire with less resistance from the antagonist.

WOW that just put everything in perspective there! U just opened up a door thanks

Agreed, that was an awesome way to put it X-man.

One top 100M guy, can’t recall who now but someone will know it, says that the thing to do is release on [Bang]. Not, “Oh, there’s the gun so I should go now” but primed to fire at stimulus. Often any stimulus will do, as we’ve seen a number of times.

Also, you haven’t told us where you are in your training. Is your form what you want it to be/what it should be? How is your strength? Power? Quickness in other movements? Rate of force development? etc.

Jon Drummond said before the world on a tv show (eurosport) that he would go on “the next thing to happen” he didnt wait specifically for the gun.

which is right if you think about it, if you wait for the gun you will go after it because your waiting for something specific

Mind you he was dq in the champs