Hello to everyone, can somebody help me for a schedule for my restart? i’ve stopped my training in may because school need more time ( i write from italy and i’m studing nursing in Milano, with many and many hours in the hospital’s divisions ). I can use a gym that include hydroterapy and sauna where actually train power and streight.
From next season i want to run 100 and 200 metres…if somebody want to help me i need a schedule for my restart.

thanks to everyone! P.S. sorry for my bad english!

We need more information about you to help with your training (Age, training age, body type, previous times, weight room numbers, etc.)

i’m 22 in october, 1.77 tall ( i think around 5.10 ) @ 72.5-73 kg on shape, my pb on training are 11.14/100 17.20/150 23.80/200 38.6/300 ( in the past schedule i never run over 200 metres…then i haven’t SE )
Shortest distances 30 3.63 60 6.77 ( wind assisted, 6.83 regular ) 80 8.82 ( wind assisted, 9.03 regular ) but this times are old! this season i never reach this limits because i was very busy with university… :frowning: in weight room my pb are 1/2 squat 150 kg ( 330 lbs ) 3 reps, 130 kg - 288 lbs in squat with 90° angle between quads and calves, deadlift 125 kg - 271 lbs, clean and jerk 65 kg - 144 lbs ( but never teached me a serious tecnique, i’ve learnt watching videos )

Hi Claudio…a great start would be to look at the CF GPP dvd…this shows you how to plan your General Prep. Phase for the Winter. Then from that you can then plan your SPP1 (Indoor comp period) which then takes you to SPP2 (Outdoor prep). If you do a search using the words GPP and SPP you get loads of info and help which will assist you in planning your schedual. Hope this helps.