RB34 Training Journal

I started training last week but decided to repeat week 1 again this week. I had this great training plan but as I started the workout I decided it was too much… It took me a couple days to learn what my body needed and what it was capable of at this present time and I made the adjustments and things are going much better. This first block of training will be four weeks and everything will be super general (even more general then tempo).

Hrv: 64.9
Daily change: -3.6
Readiness 10 - Green

Hrv: 70.3
Daily change +1.7
Readiness 10 - Green

Jog 5mins
Static stretch A
Dynamic stretch A/B x10
Abs x100
2 mile trail run (60sec jog + 120sec walk)

Last week: 8-15-16 to 8-21-16
Monday: Pure hell worked over one hour but hardly got anything done because my heart rate was crazy… Fuck it I’m going home.
Tuesday: Little better then monday but once again I had to make mid workout adjustments… Warmup, bodyweight circuits etc.
Wednesday: Much better… Warmup, 2 mile trail run jog/walking etc
Thursday: Adjusting to the workouts… Warmup, bodyweight circuits etc.
Fri-Sun Rest… Was planning to train on Friday but didn’t have much time.

I need to crank mine back up. I never really stopped training. Just lowered the intesity

Crank what up? Gotta take time off…

ive taken about a week and a half off, then did a week off with therapy and easy tempo twice that week

Hrv: 69.8
Daily change -0.5
Readiness 10 - Green

Jog 5mins
Static stretch A
Dynamic stretch C/D x10
Abs x100
Bodyweight circuit: 2x20 3min rest
Walking lunges
Quad hip ext
Band good mornings
Toe raises
Mia x20 (lower leg complex)

Toe walk
Heel walk
Toe lunge walk
Heel walk eversion
Toe walk eversion
Heel walk inversion
Toe walk inversion
Toe scrunch walk
Side foot walk

About to complete week 3, all is going well… I will make weekly updates since the training is so general.

One way I’m tracking progress is keeping track of my total workout time - trying to decrease session time each week.

Block 2 is coming soon, the 2 mile run will move into ext tempo and mb circuits and the other 2 days will be more bodyweight exercises. The warmups will slowly move into track style warmups. No need to rush anything - slow cook it!!!

Week 4:
Jog 5mins
Static stretch A
Dynamic stretch A/B x10
Abs x100
2 mile run 60 jog/2m walk

Jog 5mins
Static stretch A
Dynamic stretch C/D x10
Abs x100
Bodyweight circuit: 2x20 2min rest
Walking lunges
Quad hip ext
Band good mornings
Toe raises

Had to change my workout days last week because of scheduling issues at home. I’ll be starting block 2 on Thursday morning the state gas issues and her grad school schedule etc I have to go Thur-Sun this week and Tue Thur Fri Sat next week. All the work is on the low end so I shouldn’t have any issues fitting everything in over the next 2 weeks.

Block 1 was great, all the work was extremely general but it was exactly what my body needed off a 3yr layoff. Bodyweight stayed around 182-184 and I dropped 1-2inches off my waist. Def got better this past block… Grade A…

Hrv: 70.7
Daily change -8.4
Readiness 10 - Green

Warmup B
Abs x100
Rest 30-60s btw sets and 2-3 btw drills
1a: Pushups 4x12
1b: Bw squats 4x12
2a: Band pushdowns 4x12
2b: In place Lunges 4x12
3a: Rainbows 4x12
3b: Hovers 4x20s
4a: Skywalkers 4x12
4b: Pull through 4x12
5a: Band Vert Pd 4x12
5b: Rev lunge (front leg elevated) 4x12

First day of block 2, it wasn’t bad after a one week layoff. Had plans on performing a med ball circuit but I’ll move it to the tempo day instead. All exercises are body weight. Two more months of general work before I hit the track and weight room for more intense training… #slowcook Enjoy the process!!!

Tell me about your resting HR. Is it 70? Or is that once your day begins?

It’s hard to coach yourself.

What’s #slowcook? Are you slow cooking yourself? LOL.

Low 60’s. Enjoy the process. It’s fun seeing the improvement each week.


Hrv: 55.6
Daily change -15.1
Readiness 7 - Amber

Warmup A
Abs x100
2x3x100 mb tempo
Ringo x8

(set a) Wup A; Static Flexibility Series; Dynamic flexibility A/B x10

Warmup A:
200m skip/600m jog
50m alt gallop
50m skip w arm cross
50m pickup run
50m bkwd skip arm cross
50m skip lunge
50m tall shuffle
50m back run
50m zigzag run

Dynamic Flexibility:

Series A:
Head rotation
Trunk rotation
Lead leg pick up r-l
Trail leg pick up r-l
Front eagle
Back eagle

Series B:
Adductor/Inside leg lifts r-l
Knee to armpit
Donkey kicks 1
Donkey kicks 2
Fire hydrant F-B

Ringo: static core work
prone elbowstand leg lift r/l
supine elbowstand leg lift r/l
prone handstand leg lift r/l
supine handstand leg lift r/l
side elbowstand bottom leg lift r/l
side handstand bottom leg lift r/l
side elbowstand top leg lift r/l
side handstand top leg lift r/l

I decreased my overall volume after receiving my hrv reading this morning… Overall the session went well… Glutes and hamstring was a little sore today.

I am in no rush to push things, don’t have any meets or anything in the near future. One of my main goals was to stay injury free. Why do more when your body is responding to less. I will cont to add more each week/month but I have no reason to do more right now. The plan was to do 2x5x100 today but after my hrv results and judging how my body felt throughout the session I reduced to 2x3x100.

Getting a good early Head Start so you don’t have to make up for lost time later like the vast majority of ppl with Injuries do = slow cook?
Add to that some tempo work = Chicken Soup.
Nice Balanced Meal lol Love it.
If you don’t mind me asking- what do you weigh now? approx. and where do you want your weight to be later?

Slow cook = taking your time to achieve the big goal… Example instead of lifting max effort loads to build athletic strength you could use submax loads - the gains may not be as fast etc but you will achieve the big goal in a much safer and effective manner. My bodyweight is the same I listed earlier 180-185, I’m still in the early stages of training. I’m gonna let my training and diet work out the bodyweight… I ran my best 100m when I was 170-175lbs (I was as high as 210lbs). It’s been a long process because I came from a American football background and with that sport coaches always want you to be big/strong, it took some time to accept the mini “ME”… lol I love having a big neck and traps - I must get those back… lol

Sounds like a solid plan.
Mini Me lol.

Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Couldn’t train too busy

Hrv: 67
Daily change -2.6
Readiness 10- Green

Warmup B
Abs x100
Rest 30-60s btw sets and 2-3 btw drills
1a: Pushups 3x15
1b: Bw squats 3x15
2a: Band pushdowns 3x15
2b: In place Lunges 3x15
3a: Band Vert pd 3x15
3b: Rev lunge (front foot elevated) 3x15
4a: Rainbows 3x15
4b: Hovers 3x30s
5a: Skywalkers 3x15
5b: Pull through 3x15

Hrv: 68.5
Daily change +1.5
Readiness 10- Green

Warmup A
Abs x100
5x200 walk back
MB circuit: 1rd (300)
Chest pass x25
Side toss r/l x25
Oh toss x25
Extend 20sec

Extend: static core work
extended table
isometric prone
isometric supine
isometric side r/l
extended crunch
extended prone swimmer
extended rock

I’ll check back in at the end of this block…

Hrv: 77.9
Daily change +9.4
Readiness 10- Green

Completed week 3 yesterday gonna start week 4 Saturday morning. Mother in law visiting this weekend and grad school scheduling issues next week, I’m gonna go Sat Mon Thur Fri to complete the final week of block 2. The weekends are always big money makers won’t have time for much else…

Lucky me, I get to take Sat/Sun off all grad classes cancel form the last week’s hurricane…