RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

Thats a good problem to have. Where in NC?

Chapel Hill/Durham area…

Week 2:
Mon: 390
Warmup C+Acc ladder
2x30 sled
3x30 blk
2x20 efe
2x20 fef
zino x3
hurdle hops 5x5
400 walk/jog
willie x8
hc/depth jumps x3 4 4 3 3
bs/rocket jumps x3 3x3x85% of 3rm
bp 4x3
1a: horz row 3x8
1b: body curls 3x5

I tried to PM you but your box was full

Any ideas how many indoor meets are in the chapel hill/durham area?

Should be good now.

how come you never post how much your lifts are poundage wise?

UNC usually holds 3-4 indoor meets. I am not aware of any outside of that.

If I’m willing to travel 2-4hrs there are meets in blacksburg and surrounding areas.

Sir, would you like me to list my workout weights?

Dont really matter to me just wondering.

Tue: 900
Warmup A
3x300 60/3 (55,57,57)
400 walk/jog
mb situps 4x25
Circuit C: 2x10
ab circuit x20sec

Overall good session on the third 300 I ran into a dumbass chick on the track and probably slowed me down a couple sec. My weightlifting straps broke while doing shrugs, bought some new one’s so I’m good to go. I feel explosive right now even though I am weak as a kitten in the weight room.

lol you should have ran her ass ova. was she one of them people that like to walk in 4 different lanes and act like they dont see you training.

The best is sleds indoors. It’s like a game of Russian roulette that you’re dying to lose.

Or when someone decides the best place to lie around and do abs is the tiny sliver of space that you’ve been using to mark any kind of broad jump. I won’t even get started on when they decide your markers have been strategically placed for them to kick around.

They had a fitness class going on and they were doing general strength circuits, I had to perform a barry sanders move but still gave her a good hard bump.

I usually don’t have many problems because I act like a asshole and I guess most people are afraid. :cool:

Like this ??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmjdLi_ccD8

Yep. Smash that ass. Pay fukin attention. I train at a non public track most of the time but a few years ago at my old track we had milf’s all over the track in the damn way.

Nice, too bad I was only doing tempo work!!

Thur: 810
Warmup W
3x30 sled
4x3x60 20/2/5m
Colin 1x20
A’s 3x30
400 walk/jog
willie x8
pc/1 leg bj x8 2x3x75 2x2x80
bs/slj x3 3x3x70% of 3rm
ip 3x4
1a: vert pull 3x8
1b: weighted decline situps 3x10

Long ass workout, it wasn’t a great workout but it wasn’t bad either. The softball coach interrupted my pace by coming over and talking and that kinda made the workout average etc.