Randy Moss in training

this is for you cf:


Got it all there- kind of like John Davies meets Loren Seagraves. BTW, were any Giants at this training camp?

I saw agility ladders, parachutes and swiss balls. Were there any other gadgets that I missed? (The sleds have some value if not abused.)

this is a comment from one of the athletes at the camp. "Besides our friendship, one of the reasons I like working with Tim is that he trains Randy Moss. The fact that Tim is Randy’s trainer speaks for itself. What more could you look for in a strength and conditioning coach than the man who trains Randy Moss? "

not sure if there were any giants players at this camp. i agree some of the things they are kinda remind me of davies.

Prime example of an athlete doing well in spite of their training, not because of.

A prime example of in spite of training is probably the 10.6h world records that were being run in the 1900s. I didn’t see people doing anything like what Moss is doing back then in spite of training.

I love how people say world class athletes are doing what they do in spite of training, why werent people running sub 10 and having mid 40 verticals back in the 1900s in spite of training.

Somebody is doing something right to bring Moss to the level he was at late in college and early in the nfl and to maintain that to a significant degree through his career.

I think god did his job.

Like tamfb said, his parents brought him to where he was late in college and early in the NFL. This crap he’s doing now brought him to the level he was at in Oakland. If you recall Terrence Newman HAWKED, and I mean HAWKED him down when he played for Oakland. Randy Moss in Minnesota did not get caught, ever. And he may have caught 23 TD’s this year but Randy Moss in 1998 is on another planet compared to Randy Moss in 2007.

If you don’t think so go on youtube and look up when he was at Marshall and Minnesota, out of his highlights from this year one or two might make the cut for his all-time highlight reel.

thank you, randy strength coaches never did jack shit for him but made money off him and kept him out of some trouble.


Just like I’m sure that work out right there is what made Terrell Owens.

TO has only been hurt every year I can remember…seems to do wonders for him. His tent is cause he keeps getting hurt. Should find someone else to work with who will keep him healthy

now that shyt really pissed me off, easy pay check for his dorky trainer.

Show me all these natural athletes like Moss back in the early part of the 1900’s before training was understood. That is despite training.

No one, no one does what Moss does on natural talent regardless of what you think his work ethic is or how much you dont agree with his training.

Do you know Moss’s training, what he did in high school, college, pro? Can you tell me what was wrong with it and what should have been done? Or do you just go to youtube and see some stupid marketing clip and disregard everything he has done in terms of training.

Dirt tracks, only amateur athletes (read people who have real jobs and don’t train in any form), and only white people certainly cuts down on that a lot. There haven’t been that many incredible advancements since the likes of Bob Hayes and the SJSU crowd.

How many black people were competing in sports at the time? Does Jesse Owens count as a freak like or better than Moss? He has run faster and he did it on dirt and the like, while being very competitive in a variety of other events.

I dont know what moss did in hs or college but remember some of the things he did in his early nfl career. also i remember watching moss on the high school recruiting show when i was growing up and the dude was a freak, im sure moss didnt do jack but play fb/track/bb in high school. do we really think moss had a trainer and train 3 days a week in hs etc? I think moss early nfl training was solid, this was when he train with chirs carter in fl at chris carter fast camp and they did weights 3 days per week, speed/agility work 3 days per week and tempo runs 2 per week and position specific work.

also most of those natural athletes in 1900’s were in the white man fields picking cotton. :slight_smile:

if i remember correctly moss did run 6.2 55m with zero track training.

I would consider owens a freak no doubt, with the times he ran back then on the dirt track and training programs. Shyt CF could be consider a freak. :slight_smile:

Eddie Tolan 1929 - 10.4h
Ralph Metcalfe 1932,33,34 - 10.4h
Eulace Peacock 1934 - 10.4h

Jesse Owens '36
lloyd labeach '48
barney ewell '48
emmanuel bailey '48
ira michision '56

Is moss a sprinter or a football player? could jerry rice beat jesse owens?

10.3 and 10.4 handtimed, you’re right, but the fact they sprinted ON DIRT, without blocks, and many of our other benefits today certainly more than make up for that. That is freaky. Jesse Owens also long jumped 26ft 8" or whatever it was and ran 22.6 over hurdles for 220yd! That is freak level, sorry if he didn’t have supplements and train throughout his adult life to reach the absolute highest level.

Is moss a sprinter or a football player? could jerry rice beat jesse owens?

What’s the relevance? They weren’t playing modern football as it is played now back then.