ralph sampsons strenght workout and football offseason strenght workout

What do you guys think of these workouts? I think im going to do the football one.


I don’t know if this helps, but sampson used to own this basketball facility that I played at, and he was possibly skinniest and most frail human I have ever seen…

haha… it definitely doesnt help, but its pretty ironic

I want to see a 7’4 stick full squat.

If you want to see Ralph full squat check out the cover of Oct-Nov. 1981 issue of the National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal. Also in Bill Dunn’s book SRENGTH TRAINING AND CONDITIONING FOR BASKETBALL written when coach Dunn and John Gamble were at Virginia (early 80’s) there is a picture of Ralph preforming hammer curls with a pair of 90 lb. dumbbells. For what it is worth.

I like the second link, those A and B schedules are similar (exercises) to Charlie’s.