Rainy Days RUIN everything

man i hate it when it rains because i cant go out on the track. we dont have indoor track here so its impossible for me to get my runs done. what can i do?? i had skipped 4 days so far due to rainy day!

How much room do you have at your house?

When it rains, I lift in my basement, do plyos (in place of sprints).

On tempo days I either run in place for a desired time (sounds easy, but it is tough), do a gpp circuit (be creative, you can use jumping jacks, burpees, split shuffle, mountain climbers, lunges, squats, pushups, abs, jump rope, pullups, dips etc), do a circuit with light weights (45 lb bar), jump rope circuit (6x3 minutes with 1 minute rest between sets), and depletion work.

It rains here quite a lot so i am in your situation today actually. My workout will either be run in the rain and just get wet, or an 8 minute gpp circuit with rope work as well.

what are you going to do if it rains the day of your meets.are you going to stay at home? get out there and train wear wets wear whatever it takes to train.we all have this trouble at times but just get on with it

but i get sick easily =] … ya thats what i had resorted to, lift weights and do plyos and run on treadmill until ig et bored.

It’s very different. You can compete in weather you wouldn’t dream of training in because of the adrenaline at meet time. If you’re prone to illness, I’d stay indoors.
For indoor tempo, how about setting up a mat and running on the spot on the mat for reps of 85 steps, using this in place of the usual 100m tempo runs in a push-up, sit-up workout?

You just happend to pick the # 85 or is that something you have done with experience in the past. I know, I am not trying to read too much into it, I realize that it would be straight forward, but, I’m just curious if the 85 represents something.

When you’re going slow in the tempo 100s, it takes more steps. I’ve counted up to 85 steps for some so I just use that as a target measurement- no other reason.

Try living in Vancouver.

I normally just throw on a coat and run. If you want to run on a drier surface go to a gravel playing field. The drainage is alot better and there aren’t many huge puddles.

what i did today was
4x5 deadlift
4x5 military press

and between each set i run on a treadmill for 4 minutes, do leglift/ab workout.

and charlie about the running on mat, how would you determine your speed? in fact how can u even control it without falling ?

My former Olympic German Coach Willie Krause would have us do plyo’s on stairs outside. Luckily the damn stairs went so high that we would only use half of entire stairs. Also the stairs were covered with a metal cealing. Although this is more for your sprint days and its best used during the GPP phase.