racing without blocks

i raced without blocks into a -1.1 headwind how much time is that if the wind was normal or the tailwind was at 1.0 or something. Without the blocks does it affect time dramatically like 2 tenths of a second or is it very miniscule? By the way i ran this condition at 12.26 for hundred meter electronic.

Well if the tailwind’s 1.0 we’re probably looking at a 12.10 range, maybe slightly higher.

In the winter I ran a 150 without blocks and a couple weeks later I ran another with blocks. The difference was 2 tenths and there was maybe a miniscule inscrease in speed for me over that time, tough to tell because I was hurt at the time.

I’ve had very different things said to me about how much time blocks save. It all depends on how good you are with them. But I’d say if you’re decent 2 tenths is a good indicator.

That puts your time sub 12, congrats, now get out there and do it for real :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

im great at the blocks, i can beat a 10.4 guy at the first step then all rest is shit hahahaha. I have good starts from blocks which gets me low, i just dont know how much difference it really makes. It was fun though catchign the guys, i caught 2 folks but the rest were abit ahead the guy in third ran 12.20 and i ran 12.26 so i was catching on. the guy in first ran 12.02 which was good, but he didnt have blocks as well so he did better. He had these blue spikes that my friend had which were 100m 200m spikes, i have 400m spikes but im not sure that makes difference either. Damn another opportunity at breaking 12 and still not done. BAH