Race day stack!

In everyones opinion with the current supps that are available what would be your ideal race day stack to get you in that zone both mentally and physicaly for each event?

AS the shorter sprints are more power driven the need for buffers is small compared to 400 - 800 so how would you takle the differences

Supps like Gakic if truelly work must surely be a great help on race day for events were power to wight ratio is a factor or the ability to push through lactic, same as supps such the beta alinine (sp)

So would for 400 a stack of Creatine, Gakic and BA be a winner, (although expensive)

Pre-race day, I like a stack of sprints, plyos and squats.

For race day, I like warmup1, warmup2 and a handful of starts.


Seriously though, get the training right first, that is where the maximum return on your investment will come.

Great answer (not that you need my approval :slight_smile: ).

I’ve always found power drive and caffeine timed correctly the most effective for short sprints.

I like PowerDrive too, but I avoid caffeine because I don’t like the effects on me.

Isn’t caffeine a banned substance? I’m actually wondering. Thanks.

I know its banned in the ncaa at certain levels of urine concentration, however its a pretty high level, above what most people would consider a useful amount of caffeine anyhow, you would need to consume around 1000mg of caffeine in a few hours to test positive.

I think it banned by the IOC at a slightly lower level as well, but I’m not sure about other governing bodies.

would be interesting if we could have some insight into what, if anything, the top guys take before a race.

My ideal race day stack goes something like this, which I use before major meets:

Morning -

Fish Oil
Saw Palmetto Berry

2hrs Prior to first event

NOS - 2 pills

1hr Prior

Creatine - 5-10g
NOS - 1-3 pills

45min Prior

Vivarin - 200mg caffeine

20-30min Prior

Vivarin - 100-200mg caffeine
NOS energy drink - 16 ounces 25mgs caffeince per ounce

Post Meet

Perhaps a recovery shake

Oooo and lots and lots of fluids so hopefully I dont cramp

r u serious??

It’s less than 1000mg. It’s around 500mg give or take depending on the individual and other factors. Talking NCAA here.

“Over a 2- to 3-hour period, a dose of 100 mg of caffeine results in a urine concentration of 1.5 mcg/mL”

University of Michigan Medical School

NCAA the illegal concentration level is over 15mcg/ml

IOC is 12mcg/ml

i agree with the training has to be in place obviously.

i think most people agree that for the shorte sprints it seems to be moreabout the stimulation of the nervouse system, as its an all out affair.

But considering the difference in the chemical pathways that are evident in the longer sprints would the supps stated earlier be usefull


Yes I am serious y wouldnt I be.

i hope it help you run faster bc if i took something like that my heart would explode…

Dr. Berardi had a great stack posted at precision nutrition for bobsledders. Different for drivers and pushers. I won’t post it but if anyone would care to see it, I’ll e-mail it.


Caffeine intake is restricted (but not totally banned) by the NCAA. Urine concentrations up to 15 mcg/ml are permitted by the NCAA, about 500 mg of caffeine ingested within one hour would approximate this level in a normal adult male. Levels above this would result in a failed drug test.



I think that’s what John Henry took.

whos john henry?


He was a steel-drivin man.