Quick Questions About Power Cleans

Hi, I just had a quick question about power cleans. When bringing the bar from the finished position (standing upright) back to the floor, do you guys do this in a controlled step where you bring it down to a hang and place it on the floor or do u just drop it?

The reason why I am wondering is because I have always placed the bar on the ground in a controlled manner, but i feel that this is starting to hurt my shoulders. (I have had torn cartiledge in one for years (before I even started weight training), and recently my other shoulder has really started to hurt). On the internet I have seen it done both ways, but I cannot just drop it because at the places where I workout this is not allowed. Do you think the strain of placing the bar could have anything to do with my shoulders hurting?

Also, I do power cleans twice a week after sprints, and I do 3x3 at about 85% (200 lbs). Is this too often to do these ( I do warmup, and have warmup sets)?? Do you think I am asking for trouble working out this way?
By the way I am 19 and weigh about 160 lbs. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

if you have bumper plates you should just drop them on the floor. if you dont have bumper plates, you might have to keep the weight lighter if you shoulder is hurting. twice a week is good, but you might want to do clean high pulls one day and then cleans on another, or maybe do the snatch one day instead of the cleans twice a week, etc.

Just drop the bar, If you are not training with proper bars and plates and platforms then you should find a venue that can accomodate your needs.
Most tracks have proper lifting platforms, the one I have been to anyway.
If not find one that has. Your joints are suffering and now, so is your training.

You would not use a spoon to dig a hole, you would use a shovel. Well the same applies to weights, dont use a cheep bar and plates to do Olympic Lifts.