Quick question on starting back up

I’ve been out of training for about 6 months (for a few reasons)…I want to start up again, and, specifically, I want to apply the methods of training in CFTS that I recently finished reading.

My only problem is, how should I start back up? I’ve barely run a step in the past few months, a 20 minute jog maybe once every few weeks. I’ve been doing some lifting.

Like, I want to go out tomorrow and start practice #1…but I don’t know how I should “ease” back into things, or even if I should ease back in at all or what.

What would you say I should do for the first day, and first week or two, in order to get back into this and do things “the right way”?

I wish I could help you bro but I post a similar question last week and haven’t had any replies. If you hear of anything let me know. Basicly all I’ve been doing is lifting and doing light cardio until I figure out how to plan out my come back.

six months, might as well be a whole new season right?
So how did you or do you plan your season?
what are your events?
what are your pr’s your goals etc.

  • go to the search and look up GPP
  • get the GPP dvd
    -Get the cfts ect.

-if you are new to gpp, look up the training journals and find someone who might be similar in experience (at the beggining of their journal) and see what they’ve done.

  • but given the time frame, if your season starts in a month or two, then you might have to adjust to what I would guess would be a short gpp (general preparation period) and right into pre competition sched…

I would consider performing an extended accumulation/GPP phase and then evaluate to see where things are.

6 months with no running is quite a lot unless you were very well trained previously.

I wouldn’t go flat out into the speed work until you have a bit of a base up. (prevent ham or other injuries)

Lots of circuits, med ball, short hills (on grass with spikes if possible) general weight work and intervals/lactic work will help.