Quick question on Ben Johnson's lifting

I performed a search of the forums first, but I could not find any information that answered my question.

Is it true that Ben Johnson only used a few weight training exercises? I have heard that he only used the squat, bench press, and maybe one or two others. If so, how many times a week did he perform weight training.


Buy CFTS and Speed Trap, as they detail everything, but yes he did only uses a few essential lifts (more during GPP) and generally performed weights 2-3 times a week, depending on point in the season, health and physical status, and goals.

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CFTS outlines alot of workouts used by Charlie’s athletes. Not to sound redunant, but it is covered in the books.

Get one or all!


How about we just start a thread that says: newbies,

all of the info on ben’s training can be covered in any of charlie’s books. They can be purchased right here on the site.

You don’t sound redundant at all, Rupert. These posts and questions are redundant.