Quick question for the "knowledgeable"


Progressions with a plyobox
What would be the best thing to do
36 inch box
then 42inch box
then 48 inch box

those results vs
36 inch box with 10lb weight vest
36 inch box with 20lbs
then 30lbs
then 40lbs

Which method can i expect the best results?

What exercises are you doing with the box?

I would say the weighted vest because you are guaranteed to be actually increasing ground forces, whereas with the higher boxes you might be compensating just to get on top of them i.e. greater knee tuck, etc., however they would both work; but I presume that your goal is simply greater VJ height because for sprinting you would want to progress to more elastic-reactive drills such as depth jumps.

just VJ’s up onto the box

2 sets 5 jumps onto 36inch box
2 sets 5 jumps with 10lbs vest
2 sets 5 jumps with 15lbs vest
2 sets 5 jumps onto 36 inch box no vest

Workout #2 Saturday