Questions Regarding GPP Essentials Video


I ordered and watched GPP essentials last night and I’m glad I did.
I have a few questions though that I couldn’t find answers to on this sub-forum.
It would probably be easiest if I post the graphs for reference but I’m not sure if that’s allowed so hopefully I can explain my questions in words well enough.

Medicine Ball Work:
The medicine ball work is higher intensity than I expected for a low intensity day. I understand that early on with the hill work replacing speed days, overall recovery should be easier.

The medicine ball graphs showed basically two different workouts and from Graph 1 to Graph 3, the sequence of days and overall volume changes.
The day with the Overhead backwards, squat throw, single hop, etc makes sense to me.
The other day labelled “Med Ball Accel (1) and Med Ball Accel (2)”, I have no idea what that means. There was a lot of different medicine ball work shown in the video but I never heard Charlie label anything by that name. Are they the exercises where the athlete squat throws the ball, lands in a pushup position, and then accelerates? The other version being the roll-back, situp, throw, accelerate?
What about Graph 3 where it calls up “Med Ball (1)” and removes the word Accel … Is it referring to the same exercise?

The video also shows partner medicine ball drills, low intensity medicine ball movements without throwing, and a toss and run drill the length of a field. I don’t think these are included in the PDF workouts but are just training ideas that can be used.

On a low intensity day with semi-high intense medicine ball throws (for example Day 1 Graph 1), would the throws go before or after tempo runs?

Speed Work:
What are “20m finish drills”?

Does that mean a light acceleration the prescribed distance, then maintain top speed for 20m? It’s shown in week 7 graph 3 from 20m to 40m buildup.

The video talks about Warmup 1 and Warmup 2.
1 is a general warmup that is done before every session, and is explained in detail.
2 is an additional warmup for sprint days. I assume it’s a series of skips, bounds, and build-up sprints but the video doesn’t really explain. I don’t think my current warmup is bad but it would be nice to compare to something.

I’ll probably have a few more questions but I need to rewatch the video first. Thanks for the help.

Finish drills are flying sprints and done with a buildup rather than a maximal aceleration-pretty much as you described.