Questions on Hurdle Walkovers?

Hi Charlie,

I was wondering when you had Jane doing the walkovers, you had her holding a med ball overhead. Was that to promote core stabilization or to provide resistance for her legs or both?



Keeping the ball up helps you stay aware of keeping the torso erect and facing forward. If you start to rotate or move out of line, you can feel it right away through the ball. The real contribution of the ball to the workload is during the over-and-unders!

So when you go under the hurdle, how is the med ball being held? Also how expensive are hurdles? I will probably have to buy my own since I do not run track competitively.

When you go under, you have no choice but to take it to the chest to clear, then you push it straight up to extension. Great workout. If you don’t have access to hurdles it’s a bit of a problem as they’re expensive- around 200USD each for the comp type needed (without a cross bar across the middle which would prevent going under.

nice price for half the equipment!
if there is a stiffness somewhere (around the hip area), could hurdle work aggravate the problem? didn’t know i was “limited” in lower back, this brought a really sore sartorious (?) after some block work and stretching and physio said that walk-overs under such condition might make it worse… i can see his point, can you? :slight_smile:

PS walk-overs/down-unders and rain, not good…

If you are already stiff, you need to be very moderate and to introduce this activity very gradually, starting with walkovers and only when you are starting to feel looser to start overs and unders.

i started both of them at the same time back in October; didn’t have problems then, but now with this, i should take it one at a time…

would you do the same with a med ball? i.e., introduce it later on until you feel loose in the exercise without it? and i suppose, the height?


This is mostly true for the over and unders as, like the squat, you have to get used to the deep position for a bit before moving the weight up.

ok, thanks! at least i did that, i.e., adding the med ball later on -i even progressed the weight…