Question about training with class conflicts?

The issue I have is that I will going off to college next year, and on Wednsday I have this crappy schedule on Wednsday where I have a morning window (9:00am-10:45 [class starts at 11:15am]) and a second window (1:45pm-4:30 [class starts at 5:05 and there is a second lab after that one starting at 8:00]).

I thought I could lift weights during the morning part, seeing it takes less time, and do the high intensity track training in the afternoon window, seeing it takes more time. Is there an issue with doing weights first? If there is, let me know, because I may be able to switch classes to morning sessions when people start dropping classes, but can’t garuntee it. Thank you for any help with this issue I’m having.

Edit: I actually wish to x out the evening classes and have all morning classes, but didn’t have that pick then or right now. Things will change though when they add classes or people start ditching classes.

Two hours should be more than enough time to do both your track and lifting workouts. Long workouts are not high intensity:) I would use your first break to study and use your second break to workout. Hope this helps…

No, this is an High Intensity day. High Intensity days require at least 48 hours recovery. So, it is a high intensity day, not a tempo/ab day. Anything that is 95% or above is considered high intensity.

Its not whether or not if its a high intensity day, its whether or not I should lift before I do track training. I will not have enough time to do track and field and weights in one session as Wednsday is set up right now. It would have to be split into two parts of the day.


Why don’t you just move your CNS days around? If Wednesday sucks, then why not just do CNS days on:

th, sat, mon


fri, sun, tue


I plan on taking off training on Saturday and Sunday. Those days I plan on having a weekend job and/or go out etc…

The schedule may not stay this way for all I know, but if this is the circumstance that I have, would doing it the way above be the way to go or not?

C, how does the fact that it is a high intensity day interfere with not being able to workout in 2 hours time? If your workout dips into cortisol spikes, then it is not a high intensity workout, no matter how long it is. Generally the shorter the workout, the more intense, so if your goal is a high intensity speed day, you shouldn’t be out on the track more than 60-90min.

Correct, but you have to factor in time of getting dressed, getting there, warming up/stretch/etc., then training, and then cool down and stretch. Then get back to wherever to change and take a shower and then have time to walk to class. :slight_smile:

Anything 95% and above is high intensity, that is all I know it to be.

Wear your workout clothes to your first class so you are already prepared to go as you get out. Maybe you can modify your warm up to make it more efficient in a lesser period of time; i.e. wearing more layers, etc…

You may have to adjust accordingly with your overall volume, but a high quality session shouldn’t take you very long, including a warm up and cooldown. Shower what, 5 minutes? It can be done if you make time for it.

In your situation, it pretty much sounds like you are going to have to use your time very wisely.

Yes, but I never like to be in a situation like that. All other days are fine for me. I always leave a window for problems.

So, I wont be able to do all that in one session. I will have to split it up unless my Wednsday schedule changes. So, again, is it ok to do weights first?

Sure, you could do weights first on Wednesday then run in the afternoon. You could also skip the Wed weights session or just do some weights that day that won’t affect your sprinting much (like upper body only?).

Another option is to just do high intensity days on Mon & Thurs.

Try not to feel trapped by the system. Just do what you can.

Couldn’t you wake up ealier? If you started training at 8, that would be plenty of time.

No, because I have a class at that time. Also, even if I did have that time, I would not train that early in the day.