question about sprinting mechanics

I have a question about sprinting mechanics for soccer.

Now I don’t know the correct way a sprinter is supposed to run. But my quetion is this. Should a SOCCER player run like a sprinter? Alot of people tell me soccer player shouldn’t try and run like sprinters. Is this true? IS there correct mechanics for soccer players? My running technique is AWFUL. I have been filmed sprinting by a physio and according to him, it looked like i was slowing down [decelerating] as my foot was way in fornt of my body. [i think that was the problem.

The reason im asking this, is if i SHOULD run like a sprinter i will read up on this website about the correct running mechanics and try to copy it. Rather then ask lots more stupid questions about how i should be sprinting. :frowning:

Then once i understand the mechanics i will hopefully upload a clip of me sprinting to see where im going wrong and where i can correct it.

Thanks for any help at all. :wink:

If you want to get to the ball quickest, you should use the style that is quickest. Worry about footwork after you get the ball. If you try to sprint some other way (?) footwork won’t matter cause you won’t have the ball anyway.

The way I see it, running is running. In soccer, you spend most of your time on the field without the ball. Speed is an advantage here because it allows you to create your own space, get open when you’re making a run on the defense, and then it’s greatest tool is when you screw up and have to recover. Speed can make up for a lot of mistakes.

As for running, if you move fast that’s all there is too it, and I think the best example of running fast is a sprinter. Now does this mean you need to copy a sprinter’s form perfectly? No. In soccer, fatigue will be a major issue as the game goes on and I don’t think it will be very economical to copy a short sprinter’s form, nor do I think you will be able to for the entire game. However, the basic principles still apply, and although your hip height will obviously suffer as the game progresses on, I think you would do well to learn the proper way to run from a sprinter’s point-of-view.

So I say go ahead and read up (I don’t really think you should read too much into it though, as you may suffer paralysis by analysis, thanks to Charlie for that advice BTW) as much as you can. Then post some videos of you running, you should have at least one of you accelerating to top speed and then one of you at top speed and holding it (or attempting to) for 20m or so. Then you can get some feedback, learn what you need to work on and what your weakness are, and then focus on specific cues to help out your form.

Anyone else?

Wouldn’t a lowered hip height serve the mechanical advantage of decreasing air time, hence allowing 1. a more rapid change of direction and 2. a lowered center of gravity, improving stability?

Hope it helps!

Thanks for all the great advice everyone.

Maybe I didn’t explain myself properly. What i meant to say is, obviously having a good sprinting technique will make you a better sprinter. So having a good sprinting technique will make me a faster soccer player also. Is this correct?

I will try and upload a clip of me accelerating to top speed and trying to maintain speed for 20m if i can.

I don’t really understand what your saying charlie. :frowning: Do you mean i shouldn’t worry about my sprinting technique? Shouldn’t working on my sprinting technique play a part, or should i just work on my sprints [as well as agility etc] and the technique will improve naturally as i become faster?

It will be at least 5 weeks before I can get the money to buy the gpp esentials dvd… :mad:

Thanks to everyone for being so patient and helpful. :slight_smile:

I play soccer, but I’m not really slow… Sorry about that. One thing that I’ve noticed is that full-speed sprinting is seldom done in soccer and is only done for periods of not more than 30-40 meters. These sprints are generally only done by strikers and defenders. This might mean that you would be best suited for a mid-fielder. If you play good positionaly soccer, then being really fast isn’t really needed, but short and quick movements are better… One thing that I’ve found that works are squats, cleans and plyometrics for that quick speed bursts… This will also help your top speed and running style, as long as the exercises are done with proper form…

But listen to Charlie’s advice more… he’s much wiser than I! :wink:

Thanks alot for replying.

I know what you mean about speed and soccer. I do play midfield. The ‘quick bursts’ are obviously the most important. That is accelerating quickly. But I also want speed over a distance of about 20-30m. To be the type of player I want to be, [a dribbler] you do need speed over this distance as well as the short bursts. I could upload a clip of what I mean, but that not really neccessary. [I will if you want to see what I mean].

Thanks for the advice about the squats, cleans and plyos.

Unless you are amazing (e.g. one of the best in the world) the speed at which you can dribble won’t be flat out more like 80%. But the acceleration is still important.

Yes acceleration, and speed over around 30m. [obviously accel is more important.]

Everyone wants to be the best in the world. We are nothing without our dreams. :wink: