Question about schedule

My question is about tempo sessions. I am currently in college, and my plan would follow CF basic schedule. That being Mon Wed Fri high intensity.

The problem is though with Tues and Thurs. I will have to be getting a job. A couple I am looking for, with classes, etc. would not allow me to do anything on Tues and Thurs. So, I was thinking about doing something like this:

Mon: High Intensity
Tues: off
Wed: High Intensity
Thurs: off
Fri: High Intensity
Sat: Low intensity
Sun: Low intensity

Would that be ok to do? Any thoughts on this? Tues and Thurs I have no time to do much of anything, so this seems like the only option.

If you want 3x high intensity a week, why not go high intensity fri, sun, wed. You get low intensity between the fri-sun and sun-wed sessions and you could do contrast therapy (like contrast showers, baths, sauna, etc.) on the days where you absolutely cannot train or do anything (say maybe double your time it takes to get to work and ride a bike or walk instead).

i would probably go two high int days mon and fri and at least one low int on wed, so u can at least maintain some work capacity. most people can only handle two high int days. also remember u dont have to do tempo run u could do circuits at home which could take 20-30min.

What type of training are you talking about, is this for a team, 100% serious training, just trying to be competitive or just something to do?

I know most college people me included have other things they are worrying about on the weekend other than getting training in friday saturday and sunday, also on the other side if your doing it competitively well then you probably have meets on saturday so a lot depends on your situation.

i feel you, i dont have time to train 2-3hrs on sat and sun either.

When did the “three days high intensity” thing change? I thought it was always that way.

get the forum review graphs it shows 2 and 3 high int day. some people cant handle 3 high int days.

2 day high int:
mon: high int
tu-wed low int
thur: high int
fri and sat low int