Question about orginisation of training

i purchased the e book, gpp and vancover 05( only have seen 10 minutes). I am having some trouble understanding all the components of training and how to organize a training plan. How do you organize the mini cycles and meso cycles. How do you orginise a weekly plan and what components are put into each day(cns intensive). Long to short and short to long seam unclear to me, and the parts that make up the daily work out are unclear. Any help would be appreciated.

Well, I can give you one aspect of it. Others can explain the other parts better.

The CF system typically is set up on a High intensity/Low intensity week.

This mean you would have a high intensity day on Mon, Wed, and Fri, and a low intensity day on Thurs and Fri. Low intensity is typically tempo stuff.

Vancouver should come with some notes. Once you get into it, your exact questions will be answered.