question about flexability

is it possible to become too flexable. and if it is what is my target range for flexability

as sprinters we need to be fairly flexibile but as a whole.sprint hurdlers on the other hand need far more flexibilty due to the greater range of areas are quads,hs,lower back,calfs basically work the body as a whole and don’t wrok on specific area unless added work is needed


I doubt that ou can become too flexible. Ian King has said that he has only every met/trained 2 athletes in all his career who had too much flexibility.

I am sure he has trained alot of athletes.

I have had the pleasure of working out on the track while at the same time the little ones of my club, mostly girls aged 8 to 12 have worked out on the infield, and let me tell you their superior flexibility does not get in the way of athletism! Ofcourse they have superior strenght to weight ratios too; as they proved when insisting on a “who can walk farthest on just their hands” competition across the track where the adult where trying to do his thing…

I view stretching and improving flexibility more as removing barriers than enhancing a quality. To run the times I do now I could get away with less flexibility than I have, but as I get closer and closer to my potential I don’t want to look back and say: “Damn, If only I started stretching earlier!”

i think it is possible… but not as much of a problem is being too inflexible would be. my hamstrings are super-flexible and i have noticed that most of my soreness and minor injuries occur there. this could just be a matter of strength, but it is something to think about…

Kurupt -
It is possible - but generally it is associated more with non-athletes and is more related to lack of antagonist strength and muscle tone rather than increased flexibility.
Do you have to worry about it?
No. - If it was a problem - you’d know by now.