question about bench and squat (experts)

to experts:
i’m benching like this for wrestling:
after a light ''pumping ‘’ warm up (punching bag…)
6 reps 82.5% 1RM
5 reps 82.5% 1RM
4 reps 88.5% 1RM
3 reps 94.5% 1RM

the same in squat:
it’s like…
6 reps 70% 1RM
5 reps 77% 1RM
5 reps 77% 1RM
3 reps 85% 1RM

or i should change to something like 3X3,3X2 or 5X2??
( i am training also power as i try to lift the weight the faster i can…)
Is this good to increase my bench??
or i should change to something like 3X3 or 5X2??

PS:I calculated percentages which are the weight i use…

What weight class are you???


low 75kg class so its 163lbs

You have to give more info. How many times are you lifting what are your supplementary and accesory lifts? Are you only going to follow this for 1-3weeks and what after that. I read some more, train some more and ask again with more info.

assistance i do rows,3 sets of dumbell military presses
for legs i do power cleans and lunges one day
squat the other
i bench two times a week

I’m no “expert”, but it seems to me that flippin’ a 75 kg tire, hay bale, or sandbag for the length of time your match would last would be more “sport specific”. Try to increase the number of flips in let’s say 2 minutes. Then increase go with a heavier object for 2 or 3 weeks. Then try a 60 kg for speed. Try unbalanced objects (weight one side of the tire
or sandbag). This will make squats and benches seem like childs play. Good luck.


TNT that was an awsome post. I would agree with you all what you said there. I remember joe DeFranco talked (in one of his articles I think) about training wrestlers I would go to his site and search for that.

My suggestion is to use the bench press as more of an auxilliary lift, rather than the focus of your upperbody training. Wrestling and combat sports, unlike most other sports, are predominantly pull oriented. Turn your upperbody focus more towards building your back and biceps. Isometrics are also a must for any wrestler’s training.

With the freestyle/ greco season coming up, you need to incorporate components of absolute strength and strength-speed into your regime. A westside style split would fit nicely here. Hit a max effort day early in the week for upper and lower body each, then a dynamic effort day later in the week for each.

Sets of three combined with appropriate rest intervals will be extremely effective at training specificly. Remember, if you hit a throw or a gut wrench you are giving one maximum effort, so you need to train for that type of work.

If you need any ideas on sport “specific” lifts just let me know. I have an abundance of these exercises that I do with the wrestlers that I train.

Great advice TNT! This type of work would be best to fit into your routine after freestyle/ greco season. At this time there is enough of a break between FS/GR and the folkstyle season that you need to start your GPP phase. The exercises mentioned are great for stimulating strength-speed endurance. I would caution performing these so close to the season, as the prolonged bouts make the actions too cyclic. As I stated before, you need to train for that one max strength-speed effort at this point in the year.

thank you guys great hints!