Question about alcohol

I have never drank before in my life, just out of choice. But, I might think about just drinking a little (nothing acoholic levels).

What stops me is what I’ve heard about the affects of alcohol on the brain. Mainly memory. I get one study that says drinking alcohol can fuck your memory, while another says it can actually benefit it if done in moderation. Anyone know much about this stuff? What are the positives and negatives or drinking (short and long term)? Thanks for any info.

Its yeast excretion, don’t be fooled.

Two Harvard studies in 1995: One study says if a man has two glasses of wine a day, his cancer rate goes up 123% (one glass a day for a woman). Another Harvard study that same year says that 95% of violent crime is connected to Alcohol…

Remember when a study came out on 60 Minutes that red wine was good for the heart? Red wine sales went up 44%. What they didn’t tell you is they put all the people who were dying of cirrhosis of the liver, and couldn’t drink any more, on the side of non-drinking people.

I don’t think 2 glasses a day is very moderate. If I recall, the original study shows something like 2-4 glasses a week for an adult male?

As usual, when we find out something can be beneficial, 10x that amount must be 10x a beneficial, right?

Didn’t Jim Hines drink wine the night before he dominated the world?

Even miniscule amounts are harmful. Are you going to break out a beaker when you drink.

Call me Billy Sunday, I don’t care!


I think it was champagne, so yeah. He had the Dennis Mitchell special as you may say.

Dr. Sprint–beaker, no. How about a glass or two with a steak dinner on Friday or Saturday night? I really hope you are joking. Angelo Taylor and the HSI folks certainly have more than that… even during the competitive season, so I hardly think extreme moderation during pre-season is going to harm or kill ya.

Alcohol is fine when consumed responsibly. Don’t believe the hype.
Oh by the way, you shouldn’t drink tap water or eat non-organic fruits and vegetables or eat breads or artificially sweetened drinks or take prescription drugs or eat farm raised fish or ground beef or have fun…EVER. This means you!:slight_smile: Oh, and next time it’s your birthday, tell your mom to stuff it when she tries to get you to eat birthday cake because it has too many simple carbs.

Dont say you were not warned…

You might want to memorize the definitions of atherosclerosis, and HDL/LDL. Then do a search on the number one concerns facing mens health. Look at the Harvard Journal of Mens Health, American Heart Assoc. and tell me alcohol isn’t on there, as one of the HIGHEST concerns.

For starters…

LDL (Bad) Cholesterol
When too much LDL (bad) cholesterol circulates in the blood, it can slowly build up in the inner walls of the arteries that feed the heart and brain. Together with other substances, it can form plaque, a thick, hard deposit that can narrow the arteries and make them less flexible. This condition is known as atherosclerosis. If a clot forms and blocks a narrowed artery, heart attack or stroke can result.

And if you justify drinking because HSI or Dennis Mitchell does it, you are pathetic.

Abstention in the US is inversely associated with social status. The lower the social class, the higher the abstention.

Similarly, the more educated people are in the US, the more likely they are to drink.

Alcoholic Beverage Consumption in the U.S.: Patterns and Trends

David J. Hanson, Ph.D.

Look up resverastrol and moderation. Dihydrogen monoxide is one of the deadliest substances on earth, causing many deaths and health problems every year if not used in appropriate amounts. Of course, essential to life otherwise.

And if you justify drinking because HSI or Dennis Mitchell does it, you are pathetic.

You obviously don’t know Mitchell’s story.

Blessed are the poor…

Prohibition 4 life.

My friend had drinks with Dennis Mitchell about two months ago, thank you very much!

Dont even use plastic bottles either.

Better yet, don’t drive a car–arguably one of the more dangerous things you can do, even if you are a safe driver.

You don’t get it, but that’s fine. Do a little search for his story about his wild night of drinking and sex and what resulted the next day. You might actually get the joke.

I know the story, I dont have to do searches I spit freestyle on here. Thats why I reply immediately and not ten minutes later.

Yeah he had beer then said oh I failed the drug test cuz of beer and sex. Everyone that follows the sport knows this story. Your talking to the guy from boston. Do you realize this?

Let me ask you all this then. How come Mormons live longer then any other religion. They abstain from alcohol and caffiene. I mean its supposed to be some sort of joke that these things dont actually cut your life short. I guess ciggerette smoking doesnt either.

(LOL, there should be a time limit for rebuttal)

Asian Americans live even longer than Mormons and they love their green tea.

How about you look at things like, I don’t know, life style, jobs, etc.? I am pretty sure caffeine and MODERATE (btw I didn’t realize that moderate defined the average American) drinking are a lot further down the list of things that let Mormons live longer.

EDIT: Cigarrette smoking equivalent to caffeine? Now I know you are out of your mind.

Why do Mormoms live longer then, in your opinion. Prayer?