Question about ab training

I am have a couple of questions about ab training.

1.) What basic exercises do you all do? I know the basic crunch, med ball stuff, leg hold outs, leg raises. What kind of ab exercises do you do when you train?

2.) What reps do you do with the exercises do you do?

I basically just need an idea what others are doing. Thanks for any information.

  1. Everything you have there.

  2. I don’t think it really matters a great deal. Typical sessions are 20 secs on, 20 sec off.

Buy the med ball DVD if you want an abundance of demonstrations.

I wasn’t asking for just med ball stuff though, so the video wouldn’t help me. I know how to do med ball stuff.

Any more ideas than the ones I listed, and how many sets/reps do you do?

The med ball video actually addresses the intensity question nicely. Check it out, the routine can easily be adapted to a variety of scenerios.


From what I recall, there’s alot more than just med-ball stuff on the dvd.

e.g. lay on your back, bring up one arm and the opposite leg, touch, then back down.

If you do a search for ab exercises you should find some good ones.

If you want a guideline, how about 10 sets of 20-30 reps each.

We used to do a series of different sit-ups in 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off format.
One of our DvDs shows it but you can ask another memember as you can plug in many different kinds of abs not just the ones we used routinely.
Hanging leg lifts were another exercise CHarlie like using in the spring and fall.
One of the things Charlie and I have both noticed about many people who train for sport or recreation is that they place all of the abs in one place in the work out.
We used abs in the warm up in smaller numbers, during training, mostly in spring in summer.

Actually that’s something I must try - integrate it into the workouts more.
I started putting them at the start of sessions so they were done - as in many cases if they’re left to end they are never done.

IMO the Jane DVD is a great resource for the ab exercises alone, great variety, those combined with the med ball work and hurdles.