Question about a typical life of an elite track athlete?

My question is what is a typical day of an elite athlete, who is in college?

You never hear about it, but for example, what would Jeremy Wariner’s or Michael Johnson’s (when he ran) typical life be? Do they have much time for anything but track and field? Do they have much of a social life? Or basically does there whole life involve track, and everything is second to that?

I think regardless of the sport, the very best (MJ in track for example) put their sport above everything else–the same goes for the best businessmen, scientist, and pretty much everything else. If you have read Speed Trap, I think it’s clear the elites DO have a life beyond track (supposedly, Ben was very well known in the Toronto area, especially in the clubs and among the women), but it is secondary if they want to be the very best in their endeavor.

Go to school. Go to the track. Go to the weight room. Then, go over to a hot broad’s dorm room and get a deep tissue massage.

Repeat daily. :wink: