Question about 10's and 20's

I coach a 12U Softball team and we had an assessment day in order to develop offseason training programs. I figured that most girls would have the same needs and that there would not be a lot of variation between programs with a couple of exceptions. I did make one interesting discovery however. One of our girls who is one of our more coordinated and “instinctual” players happens to be one of our slower players. We ran 10 and 20 yard dashes and this girl remained one of the slower girls on the 20 but was faster than all but one girl on the 10. She also had one of the best broad jumps among the group (not surprising considering the good 10).
I could see a relative difference between 10 and 100 times but am a little bit of a loss with this. It can’t be a speed endurance issue with this short distance, could it? Any ideas about how to address this so she could steal a base or two?

i think this could mean she has pretty good starting strength and good overall strength and power. how to improve her 20, just keep doing what your doing and maybe add in some sled or hill work, med throws and hops, sprints over 20-30. also you may want to look at her tech from 10 to 20.

She must have good starting strength - I guess I just thought that starting strength would still be a more prevalent factor in the 20. You know, if you’ve got a good 10 then you’ve got a good 20.
I was going to do sled work and I think hills would be good. I wonder how much I should emphasize med balls? I see them as building power more and strength less and it seems that power is not needed as much as strength? What do you think?

i dont think starting strength is a more prevalent factor in the 20, its more prevalent in that very first step or from a static position. i would add explosive med balls throws and med ball hops at least twice a week. my lil bro had that same problem great 10 and his 20 fell off and it was all tech, his transition was off, he had no problems with his strength levels, now with a female it could be different she may need more strength work, hard to tell till u post film.