Hi Guys,
I was reading through CT’s Modern training book and found quasi Isometrics quite fascinating. Anyhow they only showed a few of the stretches(pushup position, tricep dip position, lunge position). Are any of you guys familiar with quasi- isometrics and do you know of anymore of these excercises. Also they sounded pretty good to me any comments on quasi iso’s?

Contratile Characteristics is a spectrum and many isotonic movements may have quasi or iso parts or phases. A simple push-up is a isotonic movement wit the arms but the spine is isometrically keeping stable. Sprinting is an opera of various contractile characteristics at very high speeds. The longest part of ground contact time is a tenth of a second hand has pulses of stabilization at very high rates however brief. I like doing bulgarian squats with 4-5 second holds and many of the GPP exercises involve high volumes creating a lot of core and extremity staiblization qualities indirectly. Good old school GPP helps with necessary work without resorting to lame balance crap.