Quad Strain

Hey Guys,

On Saturday I strained my quad playing football. From what I can gather, it is most likely a grade 2 strain.

It will probably be at least a week before I can get in to see a physiotherapist.

Can anyone offer any useful advice on rehab for a quad strain?

I used the standard RICE protocol over the first 72 hours & I am now at the stage where walking no longer causes pain. Stretching or flexing the muscle still hurts, although the pain is not very intense.


DMSO, then put Traumeel on over it. Some also use Voltaren as well. You can also try the Aspercreme heat with flex all 454 and use plastic bag to help retain the heat. My legs always feel refreshed after that. I believe that is a Charlie trick. Good luck with it. It may just take time.

Thanks for the advice.

What is DMSO.

Also, how long should anti inflamatories be used for?

I only used voltaren for the first 72 hours post injury. Is there benefit in using anti inflamatories for longer than that?

is actually an industrial solvent. It has the unique ability to penetrate deeply into tissue within minutes. It has anti inflammatory properties as well. I use it allow substances like traumeel deeper penetration into tissue. Former NFL football player Bill Romanowski used to get iv’s of DMSO. He got kicked out of the hotel for making the room reek of garlic. When you use it, you get a funny metallic/garlic taste within minutes after application. This shows you how fast it gets to the blood. I have seen one of my football players tweak his quad and be back to normal within 10 days of the injury. Hope this helps

I just had team training tonight & one of the trainers gave my quad a light massage. He massaged it with a product that is designed designed to be used on horses & it feels like it helped a fair bit. I still only ran at 60% though as I didn’t want to push my luck.

I didn’t consider that the product might have DMSO in it, so I didn’t check the label. I just did a google search on DMSO & noticed that it’s used on horses. Now that I think about it, I also got a weird taste in my mouth after application. At Thursdays training, I will look at the bottle to see what the active ingredients are.

Could you please go into a bit more detail on what you did with your football player? (ie frequency of application, how many days you used it for etc)

thanks man

He was applying it every 3-4 hours in conjunction with traumeel for 7-10 days. He did light stretching and jogs to loosen it up. He hurt it at an all star game during their week long practices. They just over ran him as usually seems the case. The massage is a good idea just not to deep. You want to avoid adhesions in the tissue without providing a crush injury to already irritated fibers. Think more translation instead of pressure straight down. Foam rolling would also help. Just dont sit on the spot too long. When you get an adhesion fibers both superior and inferior to injury as well as those lateral to it a predisposed to a new injury.

Yeah, the massage was very light.

It has already been 10 days since the injury happened and I’m now feeling about 95 percent recovered. It will probably take me a couple of days to get hold of some DMSO, so there’s probably no point in using the protocol now.

I will definitely try out that protocol if I re-injure the muscle (hopefully I don’t).

Have you used the same protocol on other injuries? (eg hamstring)

Also, do you feel that there are any potential safety concerns with DMSO?


I have used the protocol on any muscle injuries. I then do stim to help out plus cold laser therapy. It generally increases the recovery curve dramatically. As for DMSO, I doubt you could use so much that you would have issues. It would take a lot. I have heard of people getting skin irritation though its rare.

cool, thanks for the advice

I will try out DMSO if I have another muscle injury.