QUAD/GROIN problem

My right quad hurt sporadically during the fall, at the point of ground contact, but pain went away usually after warming up, and often never existed.

4 days ago, the pain remained (middle of quad, slightly inwards), and now it has moved up to the groin as well, which hurts even when walking.

Today it was at a point where I had to call it a day after warming up.

EMS’ing the quads (active recovery and strength) seems to help, but I’m not sure what I should be relaxing/ strengthening for this. I have a great tool (EMS compex performance), but I’m not sure how to use it, and on which muscles, on this case.

My calves are very tight these days, so I’m relaxing those as well.

I’m suspecting this is a muscle imbalance issue, as I always feel better after the weight room, I’m just not sure what the ‘imbalance’ is…

Help?? Competition approaching… :frowning:

I may be off the mark but what is called a cns button may be stuck. I recall having a similar problem with an athlete and Michael Khmel knew a specialist who fixed the problem.

The body is programmed with a defence mechanism, a baby will always fall on it’s butt. When you train you reprogram the cns. On occasions an incident can happen (usually a fall) where a mixed signal of old and new get turned on together. can be fixed with acapuncture or applying pressure to the right position, hurts like hell.

Ive been having similar problems. I’ve had mine resolved by seeing an Osteopath who told me the problem was coming from my mis-aligned pelvis. This caused the ‘pulling sensation’ I was getting in the groin and the soreness I was getting in the quad/adductor area. Contrast treatment in the morning and evening also helped me.

Cool, I’ll try contrast showers more often.

I must say that after 3 EMS sessions yesterday morning, and another 3 yesterday night, on the quads, I feel better this morning, but just not quite there yet…

Hey Stefanie ! :slight_smile:

Contrast showers are amazing. I was doing them every dayuntil winter, and now I only use hot water haha. The cold water is intolerable right now.

But yeah anyways, I just wanted to say that I saw your recent videos, and you’re looking pretty quick. I knew you’d pull through everything…I’m doing good too.

Keep at it, and good luck at your competition (by which you’ll be healed and ready to kick ass in ) :slight_smile:

Hey Steel :slight_smile: Thanks. I’m glad you’re shin splint recovered, as I am (well on the most part anyway!)
Contrast showering IS pretty shocking, after coming home riding the bike in 0 Celsius, but… whatever. :cool:

I can’t say I’m fine now, but it surely is getting better.
I’m also EMS’ing certain muscles that Jamirok suggested to me.
And because others here have similar issues: “Try to do EMS on right ham, right adductor and right medial gastrocnemius.
Try to do stretching for glute/piriformis and sole of the foot.”

I don’t have time to do ALL this, but I do my best and it helps.

Hi Stef, I’m happy you’re a few better.
Do you have tried to do iso extreme positions (lunge)?

I’m having good results on structural balance with a combination of EMS and ISO/EQI.
Do you have tried Proteolytic Enzyme? Wobezyme is the best, but in Italy you can give a chance to FORTILASE (better) or ANANASE.

Feel free to contact me when you want!


Hi Jami,
thanks, I will definitely give that a go (iso + EMS) and also look into the enzyme issue if it still persists.

Thanks =)))


I think what’s helped me the most has been switching to Nike Frees, running solely on grass, and being careful with exercises in the weightroom. Diet definitely seems to have a strong correlation with how I feel. I haven’t tried sprinting consistently on a track yet, but I’ve moved up to spikes on grass. I actually switched over to spikes on a deload week, and that week was the most sore I had been in a while! It’s amazing how something as simple as footwear can affect the body.

But anyways, can you tell me a bit more about the EMS procedures you are following? Why specifically one side?

Thanks Stef :slight_smile: