quad difference

My right quadricep muscle is a little bit bigger and probably stronger then my left… is that normal, or should I do anything with it?

All of us have irregular bodies, it’s normal and means nothing unless the difference in size or strength is very great. My right quadricep in particular the outside part (vastus lateralis) is bigger and longer … after I had condromalacia patellae (CMP) on my left knee I could never equal them and it the right one has always been a bit stronger even though in rehad I worked the left one mostly. Unless the difference in strength is so great that’s it’s causing a problem or could cause a problem I think there is nothing to worry about.

Bad coaching maybe…How much sooting do you do with the support leg?

what is the dominant leg?

My left quad is smaller yet stronger than my right and my left hamstring looks larger yet weaker than my right. My left arm is bigger and yet weaker than my right. All trained equally. Oh well.

Exactly - what foot do you Kick with?