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can you share something?
Some years ago I experimented with (min) falls from a box, sticking the lunge position. They were from 30-40 cm. My force absorption definitely improved. Simple exercise, no risk.

I do not like the lunge positions. The trunk angle is too erect for those positions when changing direction etc.

Doing drops from that heightt of box and landing in a squat stance I do like. I also like leaps from one leg to the next with focus on sticking the landing. From these there are dozens of variations.

Tend to agree with you, A lunge has a purpose in the weight room, not as a shock absorption exercise, I suggest running into a brick wall will serve that purpose.

As a lead up to plyometrics using the rudies and based on a biomechanical theory, the most force is produced in the mid range of joint/muscle movement. Starting with the rear leg_ the foot is to be at 90’ to the floor on toes, the lower leg is to be parrallel to the ground, the thigh is to be vertical (majority of weight to be on this leg) trunk to be slightly forward, upper leg to be parrallel to floor, lower leg to be vertical to floor, heel off ground, weight on ball of foot, hold for no more than 8 seconds. The first sensation will be I am falling sideways. When that is mastered you change feet, next do so at speed with no vertical movement. There is a progression to plyos starting with boxes then up to 6 hurdles (over 2m apart swapping legs rudie style in the air landing on opposite leg)

Pull me apart.

In team sports the lunge position frequently occurs. Just think about all the descents from jumps. You land either on one foot or in a jump position. As I said, I found that exercise had benefits, and without being overly specific, I liked it better than ending in a squat position. Height was low, so basically no risk. It also helped in a second phase to accelerate out (when force absorption improved). Nothing particularly original, but pretty effective (context-dependent). As for low-impact plyometrics, I think that jumping rope for 30-60 s intervals with an emphasis on a rapid spring action is vastly underrated (it depends on athlete’s qualification and sport, of course).

Not sure i have ever ended up in a lunge position in sport…

Better, semi-lunge position (Changing direction? Down from a jump? Tackle in soccer?).