Pushing the ground away when Sprinting

I have heard many people talk about this action being conducive to fast sprinting, but I would like to know how to achieve this action and how to incorporate this within training and competition.

I have never really thought about pushing the ground away when Sprinting. It would probably do wonders for my Sprinting as I seem to be ‘plodding’ when I run and pushing the ground would eliminate this hinderance

Thanks for any information or advice on this would be much appreciated

I think the pushing you are refering to is during acceleration. In order to move foward you must overcome inertia and apply force going backward. The cues at first is push push, and the pushes will eventually turn into a down,down cue during max velocity.

but you have also to push at top end speed. But it should take less time…

At top speed, you are aware only of an up and down action. the backward action is not really felt. If you try to push, you will slow things down.