Puma Beat bot


That is one super cool robot.

I am curious what others think about this ‘training partner’?

When all the correct pieces to one’s training puzzle are in place, what does the robot have to offer that excellent training method and planning behind you offer?

I’m curious.

I guess it’s important how you use this tricky little device as well.

lol a mechanical dog

pretty cool. you now can have a partner with an exact guide time in mind.

I doubt this is going to catch on:

  • Track needs to be deserted
  • Light systems providing pacing have been around, and are more durable, but never caught on
  • You can’t see it when you’re running next to it
  • Unlikely to take into account individual deceleration characteristics, even for tempo’s
  • Toy drones are probably a way cheaper option

im on a empty track often
I know nothing about light systems
I bet you can see, but in reality, you should have blinders on when running anyways
then dont decelerate, but is that the reason you would use this?
so you gonna bring a friend along to control your drone. How will you know the speed

Then do buy one and have fun with it

Track drones provide an ideal vantage point for video.

A friend and I are starting a side biz with the drones. One of them is very high end and is used for fields- agriculture- and gathers a huge amounts of data.