Pulse Rates

About 5minutes ago I was getting a couple of Ebay auctions ready for tomorrow with my jaw resting on my hand, and I noticed my pulse was very low. I took it for 15 seconds and it was 36. I then took it for 30 seconds to verify, and it was still 36. For the past couple house, I’ve been getting up, walking for about 30 feet, and sitting back down again. (Side note, my pulse is still 36 for a 30 second interval and I got up and walked a short distance about 3 minutes ago.) I’ve measured it as low as 30bpm.

I’m not in particularly great shape. I can run a mile in a bit less than 6 minutes and I’ll be dead when it’s over, and my 100m time would probably be about 12.5 right now. I’m 27, 6’2 187lb and I could lose about 9lbs of fat healthily. My blood pressure has been a bit high for at least a decade (130-145 over 90-110).

When I was 18-19 I could sustain my pulse at 200bpm for an hour, and my max was about 240 (too hard to count accurately). My max is about 220 now, but again, it’s hard to count accurately.

How unusual is this?

Not unusual.
I take my BP occasionally with a cuff that also gives the pulse.
I’m 5’10" and 210 lbs. My morning pulse is 39-44 most times. It used to be higher, but we do all this damn tempo running…