pulled other ham :(

so i pulled my right ham last night at my soccer game (pulled my left one in the winter)… I know that for the first 48 hours i need to rest, ice, compress… i got a message shortly after the injury and have iced and rested so far. But i was wondering if there is anything i can do for the next 48 hours (ie situps or something not involving standing)… or if should just totally rest my body and not move.


Hmm…When i got an injurie like that i always try to keep it warm…Take a hot bath and let your body recover from the injurie. I think there is no need, atm, to do something like sit-ups or so. Just recover, maybe see a doctor…

Rest is preferable but I suppose you could do some abs/upper body work as long as it doesn’t cause any action in the hamstring.

one word…ARNICA…i know that its a pulled muscle but arnica works miracles…i had a slightly pulled lower right hammie and taking arnica cleared it up very quickly…when you get a chance, go to your nearest herbal remedy store and get some arnica…if i were you i would get some of the tablets that dissolve in your mouth as well as some of the cream form to rub on your hamstring. Generally, you take the tablets and apply the cream both four times a day. This stuff really will help b/c it quickly removes any and all inflammation and dramatically speeds up the healing process.

Also remember to be icing the hamstring on a regular basis and elevate it while you are icing it. Good luck.