Pulled muscle?

I woke up this morning with pain in my upper erector. It feels like a pulled muscle. Does anybody know what it could be?

What did you do yesterday that may have caused this and do you remember feeling any pain at all yesterday?
You need to think back.
Possibly if we know the mechanism of “injury” we can tell you more.
By what you have said however I think you just might have slept wrong and you will be fine in a day or two.

or maybe you slept wrong

Do I hear an echo?

I did no work on my back but I did workout upperbody. I did overhead and dips but didn’t feel anything when I went to bed. Any chance of tendonitis. And what exactly do you mean by slept wrong?

Have you ever woken up with a stiff sore neck for no reason? I have. And the only explanation is that it was turned weird (differently than I normally sleep). Same thing can happen for your lower back. Ever sleep on a different bed or surface that your body isnt accustomed to? Chances are you will wake up with a sore back, shoulder ect.

Anyhow , how is it feeling now?

I hate waking up with a sore neck or shoulder… Usually comes from sleeping on my stomach, which I dont usually do…

Worst sleeping injury I’ve ever sustained was bruised sinuses. I slept with my cheek/face on my dufflebag and blew orange fluid out my nose for 3 days.

LOL. sleeping injury. I’d be interested in hearing others.

How bout waking up with a pulled hamstring? Anyone? (Maybe pulled in running in your dream)

damn… haha never heard that happening… must’ve been something else…

I fell out of a bunk bed and cut myself for 5 stiches.

Sleeping is a rough sport…

Its been a few days and it still hurts. Should I work out or wait till the pain goes away?