Protein Powders/Bars.

What brand/type of protein powders/bars does everyone use and why? Basically whats good and whats crap?

Saw some stuff from Twin Lab called AM/PM Protein. Two containers, 1 has whey protein, the other has casein protein. I could just mix them together for shakes. What do u guys think, ever heard of it? cost $45

When i get rich I’ll be chomping on protein bars 2 a day. Whatever brand. In England there like 85pence a bar for a measly 12.5 grams of protein.

I like the SNAC protein powders but I don’t think they make a bar. Mauro DiPasquali’s bars are good and taste good too.

twinlab have good ones but at the moment my fav are EAS which are can get them in different %'s,i usually get the low carb variety,taste great.hmm

We give our athletes the Biochem Low Carb bars. They particularly like the chocolate brownie nut.

When we run out of Biochem, we give them the Zone Perfect chocolate peanut butter bars.

They flush these yummies down with Accelerade!

I like to use Beverly international powders, but they are pricey. I also like Optimum Nutrition 10 lb Whey hydrosylate and isolate. Good bargain. As far as bars, I really don’t think there is such thing as a really good bar. Too much glycerol. But if I have too, for pure taste I choose Detour. If for low carb, maybe Biochem.

Zone’s all soy though right?

What should I look for in a protein supplement, is there anything that in particular that I should pay attention for? I read on an earlier post and John Berardi article that the optimum protein shake would have a mix of whey and casein. Should I try to find a shake that has these 2, or maybe just mix whey protein with skim milk instead of water?

anyone ever hear of “juiced protein” by pinnacle? any good.?

Anyone have an opinion? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m on a VERY tight budget and I’d like to get things right the first time!


Use pure Whey Hydroslate post workouts (only intense workouts, i.e. speed and weights).

During the day, try and get your protein from whole food sources.

If you have difficulty in doing this, then at all other times use a mix of whey and casein - e.g Low Carb Grow.

Or visit,

I believe they make protein to your recommendations.

I am a big fan of JB’s work.

Thanks, Oorwullie!

State the weekly budget first for food and supplements and perhaps I can help? I am not 716 or Charlie, but I am currently poor so I have my street smarts on full alert.

juiced protein=garbage

just another scam from the great minds that brought us nightime proteins…


you are the man when it comes to the latest supplemnts…what do you mean by juiced proteins?

he is referring to Pinnacle’s brand of whey which is called “Juiced Protein.” as nightmare said, don’t waste your money.

Originally posted by Clemson
State the weekly budget first for food and supplements and perhaps I can help? I am not 716 or Charlie, but I am currently poor so I have my street smarts on full alert.

I’d estimate that I will be pulling in around $200-300/Wk this summer. I’m also supposed to be saving for college!:shoot:


What to you think of protein powders from Max Muscle? any experience with them? I take 20-25g of Maxpro-a blend of whey protein concentrate, potassium casienate and whey protein isolate w/ 20-25g of maltodextrin 2-3 x’s per day including after my workouts which are short and sweet so I don’t think I need dextrose after them b/c my results are pretty good but I may be wrong. The prices are right too and yes I have read 716’s post on Carbs re: the mint green and dext. after w/outs example…


Balance - they may have changed but past maximuscle sponsered athletes have produced nandrolone positives in UK - Dougie Walker and Mark Richardson ( later reinstated ) were not amused